Yumemiru Adolescence Makes Sparks Fly in the MV for “Summer Nude Adolescence”!

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Yumemiru Adolescence Makes Sparks Fly in the MV for “Summer Nude Adolescence”!

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Yumemiru Adolescence has uncovered the sparkly MV for their 2nd major label single “Summer Nude Adolescence” (release date : July 15th)!

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Directed by Toshi Atsunori, the first half of the video is bright and playful in sharp contrast to the glittery second half of the video dominated by their gold dresses as they dance in front of a vintage trailer. The choreography is by Yumiko and the point of interest are the moves that are inspired by line-dancing and pole-dancing.

“Summer Nude Adolescence” is a reworking of the hit song “ENDLESS SUMMER NUDE” by Magokoro Brothers , featuring samples from it and produced by mito (Clammbon). Lyrics have been adapted for Yumemiru Adolescence by meg rock and talk about how a short summer vacation can transform an adolescent into an adult.

“Summer Nude Adolescence” will be released in 6 different limited versions and a regular version. Type-A will come with a DVD and Types B though F will have solo covers for the 5 members of Yumemiru Adolescence. They are furiously working on getting the rest of the contents ready to present so stay tuned for more information as it comes! In the meantime, here are the 7 different covers for the single!

Additionally, a special event “YUMEZAP” was announced at their weekly “YUMELIVE!” at Akiba Cultures Theater on June 18th. It is a collaboration with RIZAP fitness centers in Japan. Tying into the theme of “Summer Nude”, Yumemiru Adolescence want to work with their “Yume-tomo” (fans) to lose 100kg together and have a body that will look good naked! Fans could register their weight and those who end up losing 3kg or more by July 16th will be eligible to attend a special event!









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