Natsumi Ishikawa (Akishibu project) and Winners of Young Animal Gravure Princess Audition Appear

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Natsumi Ishikawa (Akishibu project) and Winners of Young Animal Gravure Princess Audition Appear

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Weekly manga magazine Young Animal crowned Natsumi Ishikawa (Akishibu project) as their “princess of gravure” (gura-hime, グラ姫) at a press conference in Tokyo on February 7, 2017.

Ishikawa, Riona Ota (Lovely☆DOLL), Rena Kawai (loop), and Cocoa Mizusawa (Beboga!) were all the recipients of special awards and appeared on stage in white bikinis. The “YA Gura-Hime 2017” audition received 186 entries and fans were able to vote on the DMM.yell mobile app, a special voting site, and by mailing in postcards in a special issue of Young Animal.

Natsumi Ishikawa expressed gratitude to her fans, explaining that without their efforts she would not have been able to win.

Runner-up Riona Ota admitted that coming in second left her with some feelings of frustration but, she was grateful for everyone who put their time and money into helping her claim a title which is still worth boasting about.

Winner of the Editorial Department Prize, Rena Kawai, who had never done gravure before, went into the audition with feelings of anxiety but, was happy that she tried, thanking everyone who had supported her.

Winner of the DMM.yell Prize, Cocoa Mizusawa commented that she had not even been aware that there were any special prizes but was honored to have received it.

Natsumi Ishikawa will be featured on the cover and opening pages of the February 10, 2017 issue of Young Animal with photos shot overseas. She commented that there were a lot of “ecchi” (lewd) pictures, especially ones showing off her legs and rear end, and others with strapless tops. Expressing how she was worried about trying to be sexy in front of the camera at first, Ishikawa felt that she gradually got used to it.

In the meantime, even though it is not longer possible to vote, the special sites for Young Animal Gura-Hime have more pictures, information, and videos of the winners and finalists so don’t forget to check those out as well.

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Young Animal (February 10, 2017)

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