Tsunku♂ Commentary for S/mileage “Mystery Night! / Eighteen Emotion”

Tsunku♂ Commentary for S/mileage “Mystery Night! / Eighteen Emotion”

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Tsunku♂ has posted the commentary for the new single of S/mileage, “Mystery Night! / Eighteen Emotion” to his official blog on April 16. In the post, he revealed that “Eighteen Emotion” is a sequel to the first major single “Yume Miru Fifteen“.



The original post is here:

We should not treat them like rookies anymore.

S/mileage has turned six years old already since formed.

It seems that they increase tension towards the live in Nippon Budokan.

I hope they will fly high as well as the single to be released soon!

Mystery Night!
I tried to make the violin sound to bring out a sense of sorrow throughout the song.
The intro has a raw sound of a violin, I used a piano phrase in the backtrack of the 1st verse (A melo), while keeping it cool and speedy.

Because they wear a sexy costume, you may feel the song sexy, but the song is telling a lonely heart of a woman.

“Show me what you got if you want me”
The heroine of the song dances lonely with such a feeling.
She is a bit haughty as if she says like, “who’s gonna play with me tonight?”
But she feels loneliness behind it, screaming “Somebody help me!” in her heart.

Musically speaking, the 1st verse has a difficult subdivision.
It looks easy to sing on the surface, but it’s tough to keep the rhythm in fact.

Eighteen Emotion

Some might disagree, but it is a song of a girl after a few years since “Yume Miru 15”

When you look out over the world, people who are eighteen years old often are recognized as adults.

In Japan, eighteen is an adult sometimes, and is a juvenile sometimes.
In fact, they can get a license to drive at 18, and treated like an adult, but on the other hand, they can’t vote, and have a lot of things that they are said “it’s too early” because of age.

Even so, being 18 years old gives them a lot of possibilities to realize their dream.
I don’t know how 18 means to the S/mileage members, who have been in this show business since they were elementary or junior high school students, but I considerably hope they will have a dream of the future and be nice adults.

In the song, I added a sense of a good old electric rock and recent digital sound.
I made the chorus part fluent, so it might be easy to sing at karaoke.

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for the second part!

written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

I lost my way in life due to the hiatus of Berryz Kobo.

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