TGU Giveaway : The Photo book “How to Flip Up Skirts in Cute Ways” for Three Lucky Readers!

TGU Giveaway : The Photo book “How to Flip Up Skirts in Cute Ways” for Three Lucky Readers!

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As we have already introduced in the article previously, the photo book “Kawaii Skirt no Mekurikata”(meaning : How to flip up skirts in cute ways) by photographer Yuki Aoayama has been becoming buzz on the internet and best seller on for special photographing category.


It is the forth work of “SCHOOLGIRL COMPLEX” series by Yuki Aoyama, which has been focusing on school girls’ relationships. He has been refined the exquisite balance in the image of purity and fetishism of school girls, and is also known as having worked for Rina Ikoma’s first solo photo book, “Kimi no Ashiato,” published in February 2016.

skirt-flipping-photobook-giveaway-03 skirt-flipping-photobook-giveaway-06

When you think of “skirt flipping” it might sounds something “pervert”, however this photo book isn’t that sort of thing. No men was at the photo shooting scene so that it could capture the girls behave freely and cutely.


We were fortunate to get three copies of “Kawaii Skirt no Mekurikata” photo books, and will give them away to three lucky readers! Don’t miss out on your chance!

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