FES☆TIVE, Akishibu project, Ready to Kiss, and Others Heat Up TALE Festival in Hong Kong!

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FES☆TIVE, Akishibu project, Ready to Kiss, and Others Heat Up TALE Festival in Hong Kong!

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On June 18th and 19th 2016, TALE Festival brought together Japanese idol groups, Akishibu project, FES☆TIVE, and Ready to Kiss, along with gravure idol Yumi Suzuhara and Hong Kong’s idol group, Ariel Project, to the otaku of Hong Kong. With two mini concerts with all performers on 18th, as well as an one-man live for each of the three Japanese idol groups on the 19th, Hong Kong fans were treated to an unforgettable experience over the weekend. There were also a large number of fans who came from Japan, China, and Singapore to meet these idols.

Yumi Suzuhara

With the exception of Ready to Kiss, it was everyone else’s’ first trip to Hong Kong. Yumi Suzuhara let on that she was pleasantly surprised by everyone’s passionate calls during her performance, and was thankful for the support from the Hong Kong fans. Not only did she perform her original songs, she also did covers of AKB48’s “Heart Gata Virus and Dakishimeraretara”.

Ariel Project

Hong Kong’s Ariel Project, had also put up a performance worthy of competing with the Japanese idols at TALE Festival. With the concept of bringing Japanese’s unique idol culture to Hong Kong and the rest of the world, the four-member group consisting of Aoi, Hinako, Seina, Nanami, had built a substantial following in Hong Kong. It is also noteworthy that member Aoi had won a CHEERZ event recently and during the group’s live, their fans gave her a surprise celebratory ceremony.

With all their songs in Japanese, Ariel Project members told Tokyo Girls Update that they would be looking into making songs in other languages such as English and Cantonese soon. However, their main focus will still be in breaking into the Japanese market, and to continue to bring the Japanese idol experience to their fans in Hong Kong. The group made sure that their introductions and most of their talking segments were done in Japanese, letting slip some Cantonese in between to be closer to their Hong Kong fans.

Ready to Kiss

Being their second time in Hong Kong, Ready to Kiss had built up a big following for themselves in the country, evident when their live garnered one of the loudest cheers amongst the other performers. Many fans donned on Ready to Kiss official shirts and were especially vocal during popular songs such as “Starlight” and “Muteki Mode”.

Ready to Kiss members revealed that they were excited to be able to perform in Hong Kong again, and want to come back for another performance soon. It was member Koto Sakai’s birthday on 25th June, and the Hong Kong fans prepared a birthday surprise for her on stage, topped with a birthday cake, flowers and even gifts. When presented with the gift, she joked that the fan seemed like he was proposing to her, even though he was the fan of another member.


Akishibu project

Only 6 out of the 7 members of Akishibu project came to Hong Kong for TALE Festival as member Ishikawa Natsumi had to stay in Japan due to personal matters. However, this did not dampen the mood for both the members and the fans. Excited to put on a good show for their fans in Hong Kong, Akishibu project even donned special maid-like costumes especially for the show on the second day. It was said to be an exclusive just for the Hong Kong fans, leading many to queue for opportunities to take ‘cheki’ with their favorite members.

With their first single release coming up in August, Akishibu project performed one of their new songs ‘Summer Summer’ for the first time overseas. Despite it being unfamiliar to most of the fans, the cheers during the song were just as loud as the Japanese fans who led in the calls.


Known for their festival spirit in both singing and dancing, FES☆TIVE hyped up the crowd every time they took the stage. Performing fan favorites such as “Shidareyanagi” and “Dondoko Matsuri Rhythm -Moeagare Taikochan-”, the venue roared in unison, breaking into complicated calls and dances along with the members.

FES☆TIVE revealed that they were most excited to check out Hong Kong’s famous night view, echoing the sentiments of the other performers. The members let on that they were thankful for overseas performances such as this in Hong Kong, and earlier performances in Thailand and America. They wish to continue sharing the unique Japanese matsuri spirit with the rest of the world.

The event closed with a commemorative group photo of all the performers and the fans.


Thank you and please come back to Hong Kong soon!

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