Silent Siren Want You To Smash Your Scalps?

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Silent Siren Want You To Smash Your Scalps?

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Rising girls rock band Silent Siren have been appointed as the cheerleaders for “Success Medicated Scalp Smash” men’s hair care spray and the video for the campaign song, “Soukai Rock” (Refreshing Rock) has just been released online!

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As with many of Silent Siren’s previous songs, “Soukai Rock” is an upbeat cheerful tune. Aside from the inclusion of the male actors spraying their hair in the commercial, this video differs from previous videos as the members of Silent Siren start off the song wearing polar bear outfits (probably to emphasize the cooling properties of the spray)! They then participate in a simulated quiz show where they get sprayed with fire extinguishers before removing the polar bear costumes and going back to their instruments to finish the song.

Sure, “Soukai Rock” might have been written for a commercial but so was’s “Chururi Chururira” (Cup Noodle) and that was an amazing song so why not check this one out as well?

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