The Second Photobook “0410(Short)” Will Be Released For All Of Short Hair-Cut Lovers!

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The Second Photobook “0410(Short)” Will Be Released For All Of Short Hair-Cut Lovers!

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It has been a very long time that girls/women was considered to have long hair as a natural beauty. But recently, that standard has been changing as many popular actresses, models, and idols have changed in to charming short hair-cut. Now, the Japan is in the short hair-cut sensation! With that increasing acceptance with short hair-cuts  and to present as an appeal for the beauty of short-cut hair more to the public, Short Hair-Cut Promotion Committee (Short-Cut Suishin Iinkai) announced that they will publish their second photobook titled, “0410(short)” on September 1st (Wed), 2015.


“0420 (Short)” Cover

The Short Hair Cut Promotion Committee was established September 2012 with a slogan “Short Hair Cut For The Girl’s Moment.” In July 2014, the committee succeeded in reach to their funds through crowdfunding service CAMPFIRE, to publish their first photobook of short hair-cut girls, titled “LIFE is SHORT.”

The covergirl for the new photobook is Rena Takeda, who is one of the models from the teen magazine “Popteen.” Other models in the photobook will be Roa Kusunoki, who is also a teen model and a company president; Chifumi Horikoshi, winner of “Yuto Yamato Director Award” from “Miss iD 2015” Contest; and Mai Imai, the “Shirayuki” member of idol group “Musubizumu.” Erika Iida, was the main photographer for this photobook.

Roa Katsuragi

Roa Kusunoki

Rena Takeda

Rena Takeda

And in this new photobook, “0410 (short)” was made in to a story based from the perspective of a teenage boy in photography club in high school. So, not just the photos, but story included are as entertaining and enjoyable to flip pages. New models like Mana Amano, Tsubaki Sato, Nana Iida, Momo Ogata, Akari Fukunaga are also representing the short hair-cut young girls in the photobook as well.

Nana Iida

Nana Iida

In this upcoming book, there will be new collaborative project with the digital media to be included as well. With the idol cheering app “CHEERZ,” “CHEERZ” participant idols like Haruhi Nakajima (from JUNES☆PRINCESS), Hina Koyama (from Kamiyado), and Hink (from Color Pointe) are also included. Also, with the Twitter hashtag project on April 10, 2015, “#Short No Hi 2015,” some of the Short-Haired Twitter users who uploaded their selfies on that day were scouted as a model in the photobook, as extra, special photos.

Some of the other features of the photobook will be, “Suddenly Short-Cut (Ikinari Short Cut),” which looks in to woman who used to have longer hair transforms herself in to short-hair cut, a unique project that are not included in ordinary photobook.

Also, there will be special Cheki event on the day of the release as well, so check the official website for more information. If you are, or if you like girls with short hair-cut, better not miss them! #shorthairisjustice


Short Hair Cut Promotion Committee Photobook “0410 (Short)”

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