Big (Shoes) in Japan : Where to Get Massive Kicks in Tokyo!

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Big (Shoes) in Japan : Where to Get Massive Kicks in Tokyo!

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A lot of Japan’s fashion stems from the wide collection of shoes that have created headlines around the world. But wide range does not mean that it publicly caters to everyone. Especially to people who have bigger size feet. In fact even in the capital, it is hard for people to find the cool and quirky shoes they have always wanted.

Now presenting a range of sizes from 25 – 27 cm (EU size 39 – 42) for women and 28 – 30 cm (EU size 43 – 46) for men, it is now possible to find shoes that cater to people of these sizes. This list has a number of shops that are perfect for anyone looking for the above standard size of shoes in Tokyo.



Washington’s policy is to provide a selection of a customer’s favourite shoes that match their style and the occasion they can wear them for. If you’re currently looking for the autumn/winter line, this is the right time! Washington has started its boots collection from sizes 25 – 26.5 cm depending on the style of boots you are looking to buy.
Washington Ginza, Tokyo: B1F, B2F 5-7-7 Ginza, Chuoku, Tokyo 〒104-8102



Diana’s style of shoes is to emphasise a sense of elegance and modernity to the shoes that would appeal to their customer. The company has many stores around Tokyo to visit and as it is similar to Washington, it has a collection of L size shoes (25 – 27cm). With a range of designable shoes from pumps to knee high boots, it is highly recommended to check out Diana’s collection.
Diana Harajuku, Tokyo: | 1-8-6 Jingu-mae, Shibuya, Tokyo

ORiental TRaffic:


According to the style you wear, ORiental TRaffic wants to provide shoes that can be affordable and co-ordinated with a customer’s fashion sense. This shoes brand presents its range of size 25 to 26cm comfortable shoes to your liking. Despite the small stores that vary around Tokyo, they try and provide as many styles of shoes for their customers.
ORiental TRaffic Harajuku, Tokyo: |
4−294 1st floor, Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo 〒150-0001



big-b specialises particularly in providing men that have large feet sizes. In styles from brand trainers to formal shoes, big-b shoes caters to sizes from 28 to 30cm. A recommended branch of big-b shoes would be in Gotanda and as it is central Tokyo, a lot of their collection is at the Gotanda store and it is not hard to get to from the JR station.
big-b Gotanda, Tokyo:
2-4-2 Tokai Bldg, Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa, Tokyo 〒141-0031



Yukaracho is right around the corner from the store Grand-Back. This particular store caters to men of bigger sizes of not just shoes but formalwear too. They are hidden around the back of the shop and range from 28 – 29cm. To accompany the style of the fashion, it is mainly smart shoes that are available to buy.
Grand-Back Yurakucho, Tokyo: |
1-7-1, Yurakucho, Chiyoda, Tokyo〒100-0006


big-shoes-tokyo08Sakazen in Shibuya is quite similar to Grand Back. While the front of the store looks like it’s full of formalwear, the shoes department is in the basement separating it from the formalwear in the main entrance. Unlike Grandback, they have other types of shoes such as boots and casual shoes from sizes 28 – 29cm for their male audience.
– Sakazen Shibuya, Tokyo: |
29-4, Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 〒150-0042


While there are options for both men and women, it is noted that there are places that cater shoes to all people especially in bigger chain and department stores. If your size ever sells out in any of the above stores, then it is highly recommended to ask an employee of a store to get your size ordered into store from online. In order to ask this for example, you must say: [26] センチのくつを取り寄せてもらえますか。 (“[26] senchi no kutsu o toriyosete moraemasu ka?“). It means “Can you order these shoes in a size [26] for me?“

Ito Yokado:


Ito Yokado is a popular department store that you can find all over Japan. It has a huge collection of shoes that are spread out onto an entire floor for customers to view and try on. A span of shoes ranging from comfortable trainers to winter boots are available. If there is nothing to your liking, Ito Yokado has a number of shops on other floors that have their own shoe collection. There doesn’t seem to be a limit of what you can’t find so it’s possible to find what shoes are needed.
Ito Yokado Kiba, Tokyo:
|1−5−30, Kiba, Koto, Tokyo 〒135-0042

ABC Mart:


ABC Mart is more known around Japan for its selection of shoes for both men, women and kids. Like Ito Yokado, you can find whatever shoes you need at these stores and it is a very popular store around the country. At the moment they are having a sale on seasonal and certain brand shoes so if you are looking for discount on shoes, you should head over to ABC Mart.
ABC Mart Harajuku, Tokyo: |
1-9-18 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo150-0001



Himaraya would be a good place for both women and men to find trainers in a range of sizes. The Kiba branch inside Ito Yokado is probably one worth checking out as it is a big store in the department store and it holds a number of brands to try on. It is always an option for women when finding trainers to try on the men sizes in this store.
Himaraya Kiba, Tokyo:
Ito-Yokado Kiba shop 3rd floor, 1-5-30, Kiba, Koto, Tokyo 〒135-0042 



The amount of stores providing footwear catering to people with larger feet is growing slowly especially in central Tokyo. Shoes are an important necessity for a person’s style and comfort. With these stores, it makes finding shoes a little easier for people interested in Japanese fashion. In the near future, more stores should consider creating a bigger range of shoe sizes for not only their foreign customers but also domestic customers who reside in Japan.

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