Making Our Dreams Come True Together! How about School-idol “Love Live!”?

みんなで叶える物語! スクールアイドル "ラブライブ!"はいかがですか?
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Making Our Dreams Come True Together!  How about School-idol “Love Live!”?

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Love Live! is a wide media school-idol project that holds out a theme of “Making Our Dreams Come True Together” with the school-idol group, “μ’s“. It is exposing its activities using various media, such as TV series, publishing novels and comics, organizing a column in serialized magazines, releasing CDs with music videos, smartphone apps, radio and performing live events. Also, TV animation, Love Live! first season was on broad from January, 2013, and the second season from April 2014. Also, one of its important features is that Love Live! is a project created together within the fans, so, the lyrics, center members for each single, and even the group name “μ’s” was decided by the fan’s votes.

Love Live! takes place at a girl high school, “Otonokizaka Gakuen”, located in between the neighborhoods of Akihabara, Kanda and Jinbocho at Tokyo. This historic high school announced the abandonment, due to the falling birthrate. A second year high school girl, Honoka Kosaka stands up to stop this abandonment, and starts school idol to spread her school’s name. Even though she faces a lots of troubles; disagreements between the student body president, Eli Ayase, and the failure of the first live stage with no audience, she manages to have nine members, including Eli, and challenges a school idol festival called “Love Live!”

“μ’s” contains nine members: Honoka Kosaka, Kotori Minami, Umi Sonoda, Maki Nishikino, Rin Hoshizora, Hanayo Koizumi, Eli Ayase, Nozomi Tojo, and Nico Yazawa. Each member has originality, and to fit their characteristics, each has their own colors. So, the election of the center girl of the single, or image girl of a specific campaigns, collaborating with the companies, are selected due to the member’s characteristics. (For example, LAWSON, Japanese convenience store, collaborated with “Love Live!” to collect voices from the fans to select the campaign girl. The most votes went to Umi Sonoda, who happens to have blue as her color, which is the same color as LAWSON which might affected the fan’s votes. Also basing on the slogan, “Story Creating Together”, μ’s have three different units; “Printemps”, “Bibi”, and “lily white” which the members were divided and selected by the fan’s votes.
μ’sは高坂穂乃果、南ことり、園田海未、西木野真姫、星空凛、小泉花陽、絢瀬絵里、東條希、矢澤にこの9人のメンバーから成り立っています。それぞれ個性があり、イメージに合ったメンバーカラーが設定されています。なのでシングルのセンターや特定のキャンペーンのイメージガールの選抜はメンバーの特徴によって決められます。(例えば、日本のコンビニの一つのローソンはラブライブ!とのコラボレーションで‘キャンペーンガールを決めるためにファンからの声を集めました。一番票を集めたのが園田海未でした。またμ’sにはPrintemps, BiBi, lily whiteの三つのユニットがありますが、「みんなで作る物語」というラブライブ!のキャッチフレーズに基づきこのユニットもファン投票で分けられました。
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Many of the people enter to understand Love Live! by installing the smartphone app, “Love Live! School Idol Festival”, a rhythm and adventure game, which you can hear music recorded for this app. It has been increasing its popularity to men and women of all ages.

Another focusing point of Love Live! is the nine main character’s voice actresses’ performance at a live event. They perform the songs and dance just as the characters do in the animation. The live-concert that was held on February 2014 was broadcasted live at the theaters in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea.Not only Japan, but also many other countries are catching on its popularity.
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How was the introduction of “Love Live!”? Love Live! has its 5th one-man live on January 31st and February 1st, starring μ’s (Theaters in Thailand and Indonesia will also broadcast the next concert!), and Love Live! is coming back with their new episode on their back in screens, so don’t miss out their continuous story made with you and μ’s! In addition, World Wide site in English has just launched, so please check it out too.
以上、ラブライブ!について紹介しました。今後もμ’s の5回目のワンマンライブの開催が1月31日と2月1日に決定しているほか(上記のエリアに加え、タイとインドネシアでもライブビューイングが決定)、完全新作劇場版も制作決定しました。μ’sのファンとの物語はまだまだ続く! また追って最新情報もアップデートします。公式HPにWORLDWIDEページもオープンしたので、そちらもチェックしてください。

Love Live! World Wide Website

Love Live! Project Video

(c) 2013 PROJECT Lovelive!

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