Rena Matsui Graduation Concert at SKE48 Toyota Stadium Day 1

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Rena Matsui Graduation Concert at SKE48 Toyota Stadium Day 1

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The inside of Toyota Stadium had a nautical motif, representing the departure of Rena Matsui and the future of SKE48 after her graduation. Rena boarded the ship, exclaiming “Let’s have a jolly time until the very end of this long awaited Toyota Stadium concert!”, to start the first day on August 29, 2015.

The other 51 members of SKE48 appeared on stage to begin the performance with “Pareo wa Emerald”, “Choco no Dorei”, “1! 2! 3! 4! Yoroshiku!”, and “Aozora Kataomoi”, letting out the sails as the audience propelled them along with a passionate reception.


During “Hanabi wa Owaranai”, Kaori Matsumura lamented that she hadn’t done anything buzzworthy lately (enjou is Japanese for “blazing up” as well as a term for when something goes viral and attracts a lot of comments and attention) and lit up some fireworks, prompting the other members to extinguish her flames with buckets of water! The mood shifted from comical to awe-inspiring as Miki Yakata played “Bukiyou Taiyou “ on an acoustic guitar while joined by Sae Miyazawa, Akane Takayanagi and other members singing while dressed in yukata. Rena Matsui found herself surrounded by 15 SKE48 Kenkyuusei for “Doku Ringo wo Tabesasete”, a reference to her early performances during Team S’s 1st Stage “Party ga Hajimaruyo!”

The middle of the concert was highlighted by a photo session where the members of SKE48, including the Kenkyuusei, for a total of 71 members took to the stands so fans could take pictures of them while they performed: “Aishiteraburu”, “Antenna”, “Disco Hokenshitsu”, “Mango No. 2”, and “Gomenne, SUMMER”. Akari Suda and Aya Shibata, who have had their share of unflattering pictures in the past, reminded the fans to do their best to take cute pictures of the members.

Nao Furuhata, Ami Miyamae, Ryoha Kitagawa, and several other members of the SKE48 production of the AKB49 Musical took the stage to perform “Yoru no Kyokasho”. Akari Suda, Kaori Matsumura, and Marika Tani did a quick onstage wardrobe change during their song “Koi Yorimo Dream”, with Suda becoming a cat, Matsumura a nightclub hostess, and Tani transforming into a dominatrix. Despite SKE48’s recent display of strength in the realm of comedy with the trio of Suda, Matsumura, and Tani, Yumana Takagi reminded the fans that the group’s calling card is their dance ability, having composed a song titled “Bridge” at the request of Rena Matsui. They were joined by Makiko Saito, Anna Ishida, Jurina Matsui, and several other members known for their dance skills for a performance that had the venue rocking.

After blasting through their recent hit songs “12-Gatsu no Kangaroo”, “Coquettish Jutai Chuu”, “Sansei Kawaii!”, “Banzai Venus”, and “Oki Doki”, Jurina Matsui shared her feelings as the concert drew to a close, “With every song we performed, I began to remember a lot of things because this is the last time to be with Rena and I don’t want it to end.”

The encore began with Rena being joined by Jurina and Masana Oya for “Kamigami no Ryouiki”, Rena commenting after, “Looking back at today’s concert, I was thinking I would be really happy if everyone can keep supporting SKE48 from now on as well”. The first day of SKE48’s Toyota Stadium concert drew to a close with the group’s latest single “Mae Nomeri”


Set List

00 Overture
01 Pareo wa Emerald
02 Choco no Dorei
03 1! 2! 3! 4! Yoroshiku!
04 Aozora Kataomoi
05 Kataomoi Finally
06 Pinocchio Gun
07 Josei wa Manatasu ni Nani wo Suru?
08 Hanabi wa Owaranai
09 Bukiyou Taiyou
10 Hanakami Lollipop
11 Doku Ringo wo Tabesasete
12 Aishiteraburu
13 Antenna
14 Disco Houkenshitsu
15 Mango No. 2
16 Gomenne, SUMMER
17 Yoru no Kyokasho
18 Hohoemi no Positive Thinking
19 Kiseki wa Maniawanai
20 Wagamama na Nagareboshi
21 Glory days
22 Cross
23 Koi Yorimo Dream
24 Bridge
25 Sekai ga Naiteru nara
26 12-Gatsu no Kangaroo
27 Coquettish Juutai Chuu
28 Sansei Kawaii
29 Banzai Venus
30 Oki Doki
31 Mirai to wa?
32 Boku wa Shitteiru

E1 Kamigami no Ryouiki
E2 Sono Saki ni Kimi ga Ita
E3 Te wo Tsuniaginagara
E4 SKE48
E5 Mae Nomeri

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