Perfume Ascends to the “Next Stage with YOU” in Mercedes-Benz A-Class Commercial!

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Perfume Ascends to the “Next Stage with YOU” in Mercedes-Benz A-Class Commercial!

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Global superstars Perfume build upon their impressive resume of advertising tie-ups with the latest commercial for Mercedes-Benz’s new A-Class!

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The 30-second commercial features a new Perfume song titled “Next Stage with YOU” and features animated versions of the group performing the choreography which takes several cues from the act of driving. The character design of “virtual Perfume” is by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Evangelion) and as always, the music is courtesy of Yasutaka Nakata.


A Perfume Edition of the Mercedes-Benz A 180 which has “A-Class x Perfume” stickers on it matching their outfits from the commercial is available for online purchase but production will be limited to 30 cars.

Mercedes-Benz A 180 (Perfume Edition)

Mercedes-Benz A 180 (Perfume Edition)

There is also a “Next Stage with YOU” mobile app (iPhone App Store) which allows the user to take “virtual Perfume” and have them perform in all kinds of different stages by using the camera. Here are some of the screenshots from the user archive on the app website.

Tokyo Girls’ Update was fortunate enough to be at the press conference where Perfume’s promotional tie up with Mercedes-Benz was announced so check back for the full report with exclusive pictures coming soon!

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