Perfume Takes Selfies in the Promotional Video for the New iPhone 6S!

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Perfume Takes Selfies in the Promotional Video for the New iPhone 6S!

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Details about the new iPhone 6S from apple were announced earlier today but, what excited us at Tokyo Girls’ Update the most was the appearance of international electropop superstars Perfume in the new commercial!

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With the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus set to officially go on sale September 25, 2015 and online reservations beginning on September 12, is there a possibility of there being a bunch of giant ads featuring Perfume popping up around Ginza, Shibuya, or Omotesando (3 ares in Tokyo where apple stores are located)? With all the commercials that they have been in recently, it’s not completely unbelievable if it does happen. It would definitely make waiting in the line a more pleasant experience.


In other Perfume news, they are releasing their 22nd single “STAR TRAIN” on October 28th. It is the theme song for their first documentary film “WE ARE Perfume-WORLD TOUR 3rd DOCUMENT” which opens in theaters across Japan on October 31.

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Star Train / Perfume
Star Train / Perfume

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