Making Turning Point! Party Rockets Welcome 4 Members and Have a New Start Together

Making Turning Point! Party Rockets Welcome 4 Members and Have a New Start Together

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Miyagi prefecture, Sendai city’s 2-person idol group “Party Rockets” announced first new members! The new members will debut at a one-man live on October 12th at Shibuya WWW.

Beginning activities based out of Sendai city in 2012, their activities brought them to Tokyo in March 2015. Now, Party Rockets will welcome new members for the first time and switch over to a new system. This time, 4 new members will be added, bringing the total to 6 members. Original members Haruka and Fumika, plus new members Arisa, Ayumi, Himeka and Nanase will have a new start together!

October 12’s one-man live at WWW will mark a turning point for Party Rockets. A live for the two members you’ve seen until now, plus a live in the new order, featuring all sorts of fun!

Performance Details
■Title: Party Rockets One-Man Live〜REVOLUTION〜
■Date: October 12th, 2015 (Monday・national holiday)
■Time: Doors: 17:00/Start: 17:30
■Location: shibuya WWW
(Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Udagawa-cho 13-17 Rise Building, basement)


Member Profiles
HARUKA (leader)

Birthdate: July 1, 1998
Height: 161cm
Hometown: Miyagi-ken
Blood type: A
Special skill: Currently searching
Hobbies: Anime, internet, videos
Comment: I get told there’s no light in my eyes, but I’ve got determination! _(:3)∠)_
Please support me!



Birthdate: July 20th, 1999
Height: 161cm
Hometown: Miyagi-ken
Blood type: O
Special skill: Quickly attaching full names to unknown people
Comment: Please choose Fumichan as your favorite member! I’ll work harder than anyone! \(^o^)/
Thanks for your support!



Birthdate: March 6th, 2000
Height: 164.5cm
Hometown: Tokyo
Blood type: O
Special skill: Baton
Hobbies: Zoning out
Comment: I’ve got a ways to go with singing and dancing, but please support me!



Birthdate: March 5th, 2000
Height: 162cm
Hometown: Osaka
Blood type: A
Special skill: English conversation and making friends 「All and friends of the world!」
Hobbies: Shopping and being outside (I love nature!)
Comment: I’ll do my best as a new member of Party Rockets!
Thanks for your support!



Birthdate: May 30th, 1998
Height: 163cm
Hometown: Aomori prefecture
Blood type: A
Special skill: Sports (especially volleyball, kendo), making weird faces
Hobbies: K-pop, music appreciation, collecting Korean cosmetics
Comment: I’ll do my best to be myself and full of energy so please support me!



Birthdate: May 12th, 1998
Height: 164cm
Hometown: Saitama prefecture
Blood type: O
Special skill: Guessing people’s bloodtype
Hobbies: People-watching
Comment: With the password of, “Wow, seriously an angel,” let’s party together!

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