Morning Musume. to change their name to “Morning Musume. ’14” in 2014
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It has been announced that Morning Musume. will change their name to “Morning Musume. ’14” in 2014.

Producer Tsunku♂ commented, “From now to 10, 20, 30 years, in order to continue the group, and for people to immediately know the answers to simple questions such as, ‘when was that single released?’ or ‘which generation Morning Musume was she?’, I decided to add the ‘year’ to the name.”

The group will be called “Morning Musume. ’14” from New Year’s Day. Similarly, they will be called “Morning Musume. ’15” in 2015.
Morning Musume. ’14 will release their first single of 2014 (currently untitled) on January 29th.


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