LADYBABY & Seiko Oomori’s Wild Performance, Neo Dadaism Parade Vol.2 Report

LADYBABY×大森靖子による狂喜のステージ、「ネオ・ダダイズムパレード Vol.2」レポート
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LADYBABY & Seiko Oomori’s Wild Performance, Neo Dadaism Parade Vol.2 Report

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“Since we were originally discovered by Seiko, in regards to work, we had some mixed feelings over whether or not we could be included in something like this. But since Seiko had been following us for so long, she was able to create a song (“LADY BABY BLUE”) like that. Her song has a lot of love for us in it.” (Rie Kaneko) “It was like Seiko took all of the things we’d posted about on SNS or thought, and tied it all together. She took the words that were closest to us, and turned them into lyrics.” (Rei Kuromiya)

This is what The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY (below, LADYBABY) had to say about Seiko Oomori in a TGU interview the other day.

Looking Only Forwards Never Backwards! The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY Interview

Immediately gaining attention after they were selected for Miss iD 2015, Rie Kaneko and Rei Kuromiya say they owe everything to Seiko Oomori. You might even go as far to say that she’s their life advisor. For Seiko Oomori, who served as a Miss iD judge that same year, their discovery was that much more valuable.

Hearing that LADYBABY and Seiko Oomori would hold a joint concert together, we can only guess at how much this means to them. After Ladybeard withdrew from the group, the girls went on hiatus, and then last year they announced a major debut and that they would resume activities, coming back more powerful than ever. Currently they’re performing as part of a joint concert series, called Neo Dadaism Parade. Vol. 1 was held with Moso Calibration on April 9th. For Vol. 2 they approached Seiko Oomori, but this particular joint performance might as well be LADYBABY’s way of repaying her kindness.

The LADYBABY x Seiko Oomori joint concert was held on May 3rd at SHIBUYA WWWX. The show was completely sold out. Many fans came out during the middle of Golden Week to see what kind of chemistry both artists would have together.

The stage was illuminated in a mysterious deep red right, and when “Carmina Burana” began to lay, the first to appear was Seiko Oomori, dressed in a white veil. Her recitation fell like a sudden, sorrowful downpour of sacred words onto the audience.

When she took off her veil, it revealed a costume made by Lulumuu, Then she went on to sing her songs, “Magic Mirror”, “Midnight Seijun Isei Kouyuu“, and “Pink Methuselah”, one right after another. During “Pink Methuselah” the audience pumped their fists into the air, and it felt as if everyone’s energy had gathered into one place.

From the fifth song on, the stage was transformed into a dream-like backdrop. Rie Kaneko appeared with Seiko Oomori and her guitar, and the two of them sang an enthusiastic rendition of “Zettai Kanojo”. I had to second-guess whether or not I was really seeing the magnificent scene in front of me. When Rie sang the part, “Yesterday I sat and cried, so I don’t feel like meeting anyone today”, it sounded like the song had been written especially with her in mind.


Then when the intro of “Nostalgic J-pop” began, it was Rei Kuromiya who took the stage. The verses of the song unfolded like Seiko and Rei’s souls were colliding into one another. For this collaborative performance, Seiko let Rie and Rei each pick a song from her repertoire to sing. Their collaborative effort was one full of both singers’ strong emotions.

The highlight of the performance was definitely the three singers coming together to sing “LADY BABY BLUE”. Seiko wrote this song just for LADYBABY. All three of their voices layered together to create a single, bright universe, illuminated by the blue glow sticks from the audience. All at once, the whole venue was enveloped in a festive mood.

When the song ended, still surrounded in its aura, Rei said, “Thank you.” Seiko added, “It looks like you’re finally learned how to say those words,” Rei blushed, looking her cutest.

From the eighth song on, each band member sang, “SHINPIN”, “Orion-za”, and “Amai” accompanied by an instrument. Without holding back, each of them let their feelings explode from their instruments, leading into “TOKYO BLACK HOLE”, and finally, Seiko Oomori concluded her set with “Ongaku wo Sute yo, Soshite Ongaku e”.

Even after the venue’s enthusiasm and excitement didn’t settle, but without being swallowed up by the atmosphere Seiko had created, LADY BABY took the stage again. When they showed off their new song “Pelo”, the energy of the audience reached a new height. The “Pelo! Pelo!” call and response was as if they’d been singing it for years.

Stirring up the audience as they called out, “You’re not tired now after Seiko, are you? C’mon and give it all you’ve got!” before launching into “Age Age Money ~Ochingin Daisakusen~”. A roll of yen notes fluttered down around the audience, making for a unique sight.

Even after this, the two didn’t slow down any. At the same top speed they dived into their debut song, “Nippon Manju”, and “SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS”. On stage, Rie and Rei destroyed their cute image that had existed before. To love all, and be loved by all. Born here inside this venue, was a utopia of nothing but love.

The fifth song they sang was “Easter Bunny”, a song to bless their return. With this song, they managed to steal the hearts of everyone in the audience.

After that they continued nonstop into “ULTRA☆LUCKY”. Before their seventh song, “Shan Shan Shantan”, they really got the crowd going by assaulting them with cries of, “I can’t hear you at all! Don’t just stand there! Come up to the stage! Hey, that goes for you older guys, too!” But doing it all with a smile, it was apparent that Rie and Rei were enjoying the show and just having some fun.

Before their last two songs, it was announced that that Neo Dadaism Parade Vol. 4 would take place on August 12, 2107, which also came to a surprise to them as well. And so, LADYBABY’s wild dance continues on!

Completely at their peak, for their last two songs they performed “Sanpai! Goshuin girl☆” and “C’est si bon Kibun” and you could feel them radiating joy from singing and being up on stage.

Seiko Oomori returned to the stage after LADYBABY finished their set. As the lights brightened, I became immediately aware that all of three girls were wearing outfits designed by one of the hottest designers at the moment, Kanae Higashi, of knitwear brand Lulumuu. When all three girls chosen by Lulumuu stood side by side on stage, the high energy shared between them caused their outfits to flash under the lights. It was a dazzling, spectacular sight. Last, they took a memorial photo with everyone shouting out, “Kuso yaro!” (“Jerks!”), and then the show came to a close.

Even after the show, they played an unforgettable encore. LADYBABY and Seiko Oomori came out to perform “LADY BABY BLUE” once more. After “LADY BABY BLUE”, they didn’t say goodbye just yet, using it as a bridge. Seiko Oomori addressed the audience: “LADYBABY are part of me, and due to my own desire I brought them into the internet world. That’s why I hate seeing them in a difficult spot. So I’d like to ask all of you to show your love for LADYBABY.” With ecstatic expressions still on their face, the three then retreated from the stage.

As of now, two more dates have been announced for LADYBABY’s joint concert series Neo Dadaism Parade, including Vol. 4 that was announced during the show. Vol. 3 will be held on July 23, with Bed in as the coupling act. Still no word on who will join them for Vol 4., but their next performance is one to look forward to!

Translated by Jamie Koide

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