Kanon Fukuda to Graduate from ANGERME : Comment Video & Transcription of Her Announcement

Kanon Fukuda to Graduate from ANGERME : Comment Video & Transcription of Her Announcement

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It is announced that Kanon Fukuda to graduate from ANGERME (ex: S/mileage) this autumn. The announcement was made during Hello! Station #118 on May 20th, and it seems that fans were surprised with the sudden announcement.

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Kanon is the 1st generation member of S/mileage, and he graduation means that only one 1st generation member, Ayaka Wada, will remain. The date of the graduation is unannounced yet.

Kanon explains about the reason of the graduation in the video. We made transcription of the whole comment about the graduation in Japanese/English. It was not mentioned in the video, but she officially says that she was absent from the university and will return to the school after she left the group.

Dear fans supporting me always,

Today I have announcement for you. I, Kanon Fukuda decided to graduate from ANGERME and Hello! Project this autumn.
今日は私、福田花音からご報告があります。私福田花音は今年の秋を持ちまして、ANGERMEおよびHello! Projectを卒業することに決めました。

I have been active as idol for almost 6 years as S/mileage and ANGERME, for almost 11 years if I included years when I was at Hello! Project egg. Then now I’m turning to be 20 years old this year, so I started to feel like it’s time to face with “graduation” for me. As you know, for idols, graduation is unavoidable thing. Idols cannot avoid graduation, and also I started to feel like someday I should graduate from the group. S/mileage changed it’s group name to ANGERME last year, young and fresh 3rd generation members joined, and due to that, 2nd generation members became more reliable, and the dependable leader Ayaka Wada is always caring other members indeed. Then I strongly felt ANGERME can grow up more and more even if I graduate the group.
私はS/mileage、ANGERMEとしては約6年間、そしてHello! Project Egg時代も入れると約11年間活動して来たんですけれども、個人的には今年20歳になったので、卒業というテーマについてきちんと向き合うタイミングではないかな、と感じた所から始まったんですけれども。やっぱり卒業というのは避けては通れない道だとは前から思っていたので。卒業は避けては通れないし、いつかは卒業しなくちゃいけない日が来るなというのは感じていたんですけど、S/mileageからANGERMEに改名して、本当にフレッシュで勢いのある3期メンバーだったりとか、3期メンバーが入ったことによって先輩としてすごくしっかりとした2期メンバーだったり、リーダーとしていつも周りをしっかりちゃんと見てくれる頼もしい和田彩花ちゃんを見て活動して行くうちに、私が卒業しても、このメンバーだったらANGERMEとしてもっともっと大きく飛躍していけるんじゃないかな、というのを強く感じました。

I talked about my graduation with staffs at Hello! Project and decided to graduate from the group this autumn to step forward to new career. I have been big fan of Hello! Project as I used to go to Hello! Project’s concert alone many times, and started dreaming that I wanted to debut as idol from Hello! Project. Then finally I could make a debut as idol from Hello! Project as S/mileage and ANGERME. There were many difficulties, but of course, at the same time many happy things I had. I think I could overcome such difficulties because fans like you supported me a lot. My love to Hello! Project and idols also supported me I think.
卒業については何度も何度も会社の人たちと話し合いを重ねて、今年の秋にANGERMEを卒業し、新たな道に進むことを決めたんですけど、元々私はHello! Projectが本当に大好きで、ひとりのファンとしてライブに足を運んでいたりしたので、ただひたすらHello! Projectのアイドルになりたいという想いだけで何年間も突っ走って来て、ようやく夢だったHello! Projectの中のグループとしてデビューするという夢をS/mileageやANGERMEで果たすことができて。毎回色んな大変なこともあったし、楽しいことも数えきれないほどあるんですけど、それだけじゃなくつらいこととか悲しいこととかももちろんあったんですけど、乗り越えて来れたのは、Hello! Projectやアイドルが大好きだっていう気持ちとか、応援して下さっているファンの皆さんが支えてくださったからじゃないかな、とすごく思っています。

I always feel I’m glad to becoming idol when I see fans who bring smiles or moves to tears with my performance, as I love to perform on the stage. I could feel my significance of existence as well. For each concert I was always performing while thinking “I’m happy”, and I kept it in mu mind.

I’m really full of gratitude, to the staffs and the members who participate with the stages too. I love idols, and of course there’s many idol groups today, however, I’m so glad that I could work as “S/mileage” and “ANGERME”, not any other groups. I believe ANGERME will definitely overcome with any difficulty from now on.

I’m sorry that I surprised you again, but please don’t think this negative. I could find my new way as I worked as S/mileage and ANGERME, so this is very positive choice.

My new way, is not opened yet and still talking about it with staffs, but there are many things I want to challenge which won’t come true during ANGERME days. I think I can announce it very soon, so stay tuned!

There’s still enough time before my graduation. I’ll try my best everyday, enjoy everyday, and express gratitude to everyone.

Please keep supporting me until the graduation, I’ll do my best!

That’s all from Kanon Fukuda from ANGERME.

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