Elements of Style: “ILLNINAL vol.1” Release Party Live Report

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Elements of Style: “ILLNINAL vol.1” Release Party Live Report

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E TICKET PRODUCTION and IDOL NEWSING returned to Daikanyama LOOP with a fresh new crew of idol rappers on September 17, 2017 for the release party of “ILLNINAL vol.1”!


Steaming up the stage to begin the afternoon was sherbet, with LED skirts glowing as they whipped the audience into a frenzy. Leader Minori Inudo admitted to being nervous as the first act up, especially with so many unfamiliar faces in the crowd but, there was no evidence to support that claim as she and the others delivered an energetic performance backed up by a red-hot response.

01 SE
02 Koibito Misaki
03 Yume Mirai
04 sherbet
05 Ocean Blue

Summer Rocket

Summer Rocket blasted off with a compelling mix of traditional and modern pop sounds. Spinning like automatons in a music box to the light and breezy “Rhythm Magical” and “Natsu no Triangle”, they took a turn towards the future with “Summertime Kill” and “Kirisaite” from their upcoming 3rd single before coming in for a landing with the bubbly Showa-tinted “Poolside no Iruka”.

01 Rhythm Magical
02 Natsu no Triangle
03 Summertime Kill
04 Kirisaite
05 Poolside no Iruka

sora tob sakana

In addition to their compelling collection of eclectic post-rock sounds, fresh vocal delivery, and elegant choreography, sora tob sakana were beside themselves with excitement as it was also the rap debut of Rei Malaika Kazama and Fuuka Kanzaki. Natsuka Teraguchi and Mana Yamazaki who had been part of the E TICKET RAP SHOW release party in January did their best to offer advice and excite the crowd for what was to come after.

01 Umi ni Matsuwaru Kotoba
02 Natsu no Tobira
03 Kaerimichi no Wonder
04 Eikaku na Nichijo
05 Yokan Hikou
06 Toumei na Kaibutsu
07 Yozora wo Zenbu


As one of the recent breakthrough “gakkyoku-ha” groups of the idol scene, amiinA were in fine form despite a short gap in their schedule following Tokyo Idol Festival and @JAM EXPO 2017 in August. Stronger than ever, their 8-song set was overwhelming to the point of moving fans and fellow performers alike to tears.

01 Valkyrie
02 Atlas
03 Callin’
04 Legacy
05 lilla
06 cosmos
07 Canvas
08 Avalon

Hikaru Aoyama kicked off the main event, getting heads nodding with her hypnotic lyrical delivery paired with the downtempo beats of “WONDERFUL WORLD”. Contrary to her cool velvety flow, she admitted to being nervous before cutely asking the audience to make sure to buy the single. Up next was Rei Malaika Kazama and Fuuka Kanzaki, running out onto the stage like a comedy duo and teaching the crowd the call and response and choreography for their song “FUN FOR FUN”. The efforts reeled in huge dividends as the duo got the crowd jumping like flying fish as they tore through the song. Hikaru returned as the trio kept the vibes going as they rocked the house with “ILLNINAL”. After a few moments of encore claps, Rei and Fuuka put an exclamation point on the afternoon with a second performance of “FUN FOR FUN” which was even louder than the first.

01 WONDERFUL WORLD feat. Hikaru Aoyama
02 FUN FOR FUN feat. Rei Malaika Kazama and Fuuka Kanzaki (sora tob sakana)
03 ILLNINAL feat. Hikaru Aoyama,Rei Malaika Kazama and Fuuka Kanzaki (sora tob sakana)
E1 FUN FOR FUN feat. Rei Malaika Kazama and Fuuka Kanzaki (sora tob sakana)

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