HKT48 Rock Fukuoka During 6th Anniversary Live!

HKT48 Rock Fukuoka During 6th Anniversary Live!

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HKT48 celebrated their 6th anniversary with a 3-day live HKT48 6 Fes ~LOVE & PEACE! ROCK-Shūnen dayo, Jinsei wa…~ at Nishitetsu Hall in Fukuoka from November 24-26, 2017!

Day 1 – Tenjin Eigasai (November 24)

The first day consisted of an advanced screening of all 48 short films to be included on HKT48’s upcoming album (release date: December 27). With all 48 films adding up to a total of 11 hours, the event was split into two parts with the corresponding members and directors appearing at the beginning of each part.

Day 2 – 2nd-gen Fan Meeting, Live Band Kayō Show (November 25)

The afternoon featured a fan meeting for the 2nd generation members of HKT48. Surprise guest Marika Tani, who had transferred to SKE48 in 2014, made an appearance to bring the lineup to all 14 active members for a lively talk show. In addition to archival footage of the 2nd generation’s early days and a quiz segment, several never before heard secrets were revealed which caused a great deal of excitement in the venue. There was also a surprise performance of “Nōnai Paradise.


With a smile on her face, Tani exclaimed, “I have returned after 3 years and 7 months of being away! This is a live that could only happen today! Let’s get excited!”. However, her expression changed dramatically during the final song, tears running down her face as she shared, “I’m really happy to have been a 2nd generation member. I’m so happy to have come here”. Riko Sakaguchi added, “Today within my heart, from now on, chasing after those who came before us, I want to become someone to make HKT48 exciting!”, earning a rousing ovation from the fans.

The evening performance, in keeping with the theme of “ROCK”, was a Live Band Kayō Show, featuring renditions of songs like Fukuoka band The Checkers’ “Gizagiza Heart no Komoriuta” and rock arrangements of 48 group songs performed by the members of HKT48.

Despite having experience with the drums, Hazuki Hokazono admitted, “This is my first time to play in front of everyone so I’m nervous!” Nako Yabuki, who was on the guitar added with a smile, “I was practicing even when I took time off from handshake events so I was able to show everyone something good!”

Day 3 – 1st-gen Fan Meeting, 6th Anniversary Commemorative Performance (November 26)

The final day, November 26th marked the 6th anniversary of HKT48’s debut at the original HKT48 Theater at Hawks Town Mall, beginning with a fan meeting featuring the 1st generation members.


After a series of nostalgic videos were screened, the performance began with “Te wo Tsunaginagara” from the very first stage performed by HKT48. Chiyori Nakanishi, who had transferred to AKB48 in 2014, returned to bring the lineup to all 13 active members.

Nakanishi, who had not stood on a HKT48 stage in 3 years commented, “I was worried that there would be a lot of people who wouldn’t know who I am but, there’s nothing but people who are like family so I’m relieved!”. The talk continued with humorous stories and nostalgic happenings, exciting the fans in attendance.

During the encore, Anna Murashige addressed the other members with tears in her eyes, “I really love the members so I hope we can keep going on together from now on too…so, everyone, for the time being don’t graduate…”.

Haruka Kodama held back tears as she added, “I was really nervous up until it started but, with everyone watching over us so warmly we were able to come this far. Thank you very much”.

Sakura Miyawaki conveyed 6 years of gratitude, “I am so happy to have met the 1st generation members and all of you fans”.

Aoi Motomura closed by saying, “Truly this event, I think is a good start to our 7th year. From this point on we all want to gather together our power so, please continue to support HKT48”.

The evening brought with it the 6th Anniversary Commemorative Performance featuring all the members of HKT48, beginning with “Rock dayo, Jinsei wa…” as they took the stage in their black stage outfits. This was followed by the 1st generation members performing “Skirt Hirari” in the outfits they had worn for their debut performance, showing the growth they had undergone over the past 6 years. The venue swelled with excitement as HKT48 kept the rock theme rolling along with “Ao Kusai Rock” and “Majisuka Rock ‘N’ Roll”.

During the opening greeting, Haruka Kodama declared boldly, “Today we will perform with all of our strength to convey our feelings of gratitude!” Rino Sashihara, who just completed her concurrent position in STU48 followed up with, “STU48 concerts are really fun. Everyone’s a good girl and trying their best. Because it was so much fun, in the end I want to do my best again with HKT48 and meeting everyone here in the 7th year, let’s give it our all once again! Please support us!”, earning loud cheers from the fans.

A series of unit and teams songs as well as HKT48’s singles followed, including the first performance of “Tenshi wa Doko ni Iru?” (release date: December 13) by 2017 AKB48 Group Janken Tournament champions fairy w!nk (Misaki Aramaki and Hirona Unjo) who showed off their cool expressions.

The encore opened with the 18 and over members performing SDN48’s “Yūwaku no Garter”, followed by the news of new stages to be starting for Team H (AKB48 Team K – “RESET”) and Team KIV (SKE48 Team S – “Seifuku no Me”) in 2018. Additionally, the 10 4th generation kenkyūsei were promoted to regular members.


Aki Toyonaga (Team H) commented, “I might be the only kenkyūsei promoted to Team H but, I want to try my best with all the warm senpai”. Tomoka Takeda (Team TII) added, “I will do my best to become someone who can pull Team TII along”, as tears ran down her face.


Hana Matsuoka (Team TII) burst into tears at not being able to have performed with all of the kenkyūsei who had just been promoted. Her tears which outdid those of the promoted kenkyūsei caused the audience to laugh at the scene as she called out to them, “From now on, everyone will go on to their new teams and a lot will change. Let’s do our best while relying on our team captains and performing our new stages!”


The 3 days of celebration came to an end with the members of HKT48 seeing off the fans. A Blu-ray/DVD of HKT48’s 6th anniversary concert is scheduled to go on sale in early 2018.

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Title is to be announced (1st Album) / HKT48

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