Merry Christmas with Hello Kitty! Café Featuring Hello Kitty Opens in Shibuya

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Merry Christmas with Hello Kitty!  Café Featuring Hello Kitty Opens in Shibuya

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THE GUEST café & diner, which is located inside Shibuya PARCO, will collaborate with the character everyone loves — Hello Kitty!  Hello Kitty Café will be open from Nov 14 until Dec 25.

The new café will soon be buzzing with Hello Kitty fans, offering its original menu featuring Hello Kitty and Christmas-themed dishes including Roast Chicken Box and Christmas Parfait. The café will also serve dishes created in collaboration with Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary movie The Nutcracker.
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In addition to the delicious food, customers can take a picture with Hello Kitty and also purchase exclusive limited edition merchandise, which will be available only at the cafe!  Within the cafe is the Hello Kitty Gift Shop, where official Hello Kitty merchandise can be bought. There are also a number of limited edition and exclusive Hello Kitty Cafe items available. If you are Kitty fans, don’t miss this opportunity!

See more pictures of Hello Kitty featuring cafe menus

Venue:THE GUEST Cafe & Dinner, Shibuya PARCO PART1 7F
Holding Period: Fri, 14th Nov ~ Thur, 25th Dec 2014
*closed on Wed 3rd Dec and, Thur 4th Dec.
OPEN 11:00 / FOOD L.O. 22:00 / DRINK L.O. 22:30

Hello Kitty Café Official Website

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