Haruka Fukuhara Packs Two Years of Emotions Into Upcoming Photo Book!

Haruka Fukuhara Packs Two Years of Emotions Into Upcoming Photo Book!

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Actress Haruka Fukuhara is set to release her first photo book on March 10 2018.

Haruka_Fukuhara_Haruka Iro_04

The photo book comprises of never before seen photos from the “Haruka Iro” series in the magazine B.L.T.

“Red—explosions!” “Yellow—stick it through!” “Blue—a day of wandering around.” “Black—a strong presence.” “Green—comfort.” Matching colors to emotions and actions, she delivers a wide range of emotions. It’s a book overflowing with the charm of Fukuhara from age 17 to 19.

Haruka_Fukuhara_Haruka Iro_02

Haruka_Fukuhara_Haruka Iro_03

Haruka Fukuhara’s comment:

“Throughout this series, I challenged many kinds of expressions without being confined to any particular form.

I discovered many sides of myself that I never knew till now.

To think that I could make this expression; to think that I would meet with this color.

Every photo shoot was incredibly fun, and become a warm, kind and safe haven for me.

I’ve packed two years of my emotions.

With all sorts of sentiments compiled together to become like a storybook, I want to plunge into each different world and have the best time.”

Haruka_Fukuhara_Haruka Iro_05

Event Information

“Haruka Fukuhara PHOTOBOOK Haruka Iro” Release Event
Date: March 10 (Sat.) 2018
Place: To be decided
Event Information:

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