This is how we spent Halloween! Tokyo Disneyland version

This is how we spent Halloween! Tokyo Disneyland version

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Hello! October 31st is Halloween!
Which means everyone is looking forward for Halloween in Tokyo.
People spent Halloween in various ways!

It seems that Tokyo IT girls went to Tokyo Disneyland with some costumes of Disney characters. Let me introduce some of them!

A group of boys and girls from the college of pharmacy.
Mizuki, the member of TOKYOISM became a Cinderella!!><

ISM_008_02 ISM_008_04

Needless to say, girls enjoy without boys too!
Kaede, the member of TOKYOISM became a princess as well.


Risako, the TOKYOISM member became Alice and took purikura.


Now, I want to introduce “Chino,” a girl who is famous as “Harajuku Otaku Girl (Maniac girl)!”
She is a fashionista who is known to girls that hang around Harajuku.
Her hobby is to wear costumes!
Her costumes for this year’s Halloween is…


Monsters Inc. girl!
She made this wig by herself!
Most of this costumes were bought in Harajuku.
By wearing sneakers with white long socks, she imaged a schoolgirl uniform.
Also, by using the color blue for her clothes, she expressed the image of Monsters Inc. character.


She went to Disneyland not only with her best friend Come-san, but also with their boyfriends. Which means it became a Disneyland double date!

How envy!! LOL
They became a group of Monsters Inc!

It’s matter of course to ride attractions, and what is more, the whole atmosphere of Disneyland is Halloween!
Everything in Disneyland such as parades, foods, music and costumes of crew members is Halloween!

Thanks to the special atmosphere, people take photos than usual.

In fact last year, Chino wore Rapunzel!
Doesn’t she look like the real Rapunzel?

ISM_008_10 ISM_008_05

She can change to various characters!

This atmosphere continues in Tokyo Disneyland till October 31st!
Why don’t you come to enjoy Halloween in Tokyo Disneyland!



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