Kimo-kawaii! Get Spooked This Halloween With These Adorably Scary Sweets

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Kimo-kawaii! Get Spooked This Halloween With These Adorably Scary Sweets

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It’s that time of the year when the leaves start to fall and the air starts to get chilly—Halloween is just round the corner waiting to give you some goosebumps. It may have originated in a foreign country, but Japan has welcomed the celebration into their own modern pop culture and made it an unofficial but widespread season of festivities every year.

Ghosts, mummies, zombies and the like come to haunt the country—in marzipan form. Come to Japan during the month of October, and you’ll likely see many stores serving up Halloween-themed confectioneries. Even the supernatural can become kawaii as long as they’re on this land.

Mister Donut


Everyone’s favorite donut chain is back with another Halloween line up this year, featuring the classic Jack-o’-Lantern in chocolate and strawberry flavors as well as a variety of seemingly screaming donuts. At merely ¥162 to ¥183, it’s a fun and affordably delicious way to get into the festive spirit.

Mister Donut official website:

Sébastien Bouillet


They may be an upscale patisserie, but that doesn’t stop them from some festive fun with their sweets. Watch out for the limited edition Petit Gateau Momie (¥648), an exquisite pastry that looks an adorable round mummy. Covered in chocolate and filled with kabocha (Japanese squash), this is one mummy you’ll want to unwrap.

Sébastien Bouillet official website:

Ginza Cozy Corner


If you love Disney, this will be the pastry shop for you. Ginza Cozy Corner has had a longtime collaboration with Disney, but for Halloween season there’s a special twist—it’s the villain’s turn to come out and play. Just for this period, they get the spotlight and their own special cake collection. This season the Petit Gateau collection (¥2,268) features nine different Disney villain designs. You won’t be able to choose!

Ginza Cozy Corner official website:

Monarch of London


This posh sweets brand, famous for their elaborately dainty cupcakes and macaron sandwiches, is going all out with their eye-catchingly graphic range of Halloween cupcakes. Why settle for plain vanilla when you can have eyeballs and tombstones for toppings? Monarch of London combines art and taste to give you a “bloody kimo-kawa (grotesque-cute)” treat at ¥499 to ¥599 each.

Monarch of London official website:

Q-pot CAFE

本日よりQ-pot CAFE.ではHALLOWEEN限定メニューがスタート👻🎃✨ バニラムースでできたオバケちゃんやコーヒームースのスカルケーキ!見ているだけでわくわくするようなメニューがいっぱい💜 他にもハロウィン限定グッズやテイクアウトスイーツが盛りだくさん☠️ ぜひQ-pot CAFE.のハロウィンに遊びにきてください♫ . #qpot #cafe #autumn #halloween #chocolate #pumpkin #ghost #skeleton #avocado #sombrero #sweets #happy #love #cute #accessorize #fashion #キューポット #ハロウィン #カボチャ #秋 #オバケ #骸骨 #アボカド #チョコレート #スイーツ #アクセサリー #ファッション

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Here’s how to usher in the Halloween celebration in the most refined way possible—head down to Q-Pot Café for a fancy teatime and treat yourself to their festive sweets plates. They have an array of the cutest yet most elegant desserts you’ll see, from skull-shaped chocolate necklaces to an entire afternoon tea set of spooky sweets. Indulge yourself this special holiday season!

Q-pot CAFE official website:

Baskin Robbins

It’s never too cold for ice cream when they’re this adorable! Baskin Robbins (or 31 Ice Cream, as they call it in Japan) takes their classic bright colors and spins them into a psychedelic Halloween theme with their range of ice cream flavors and elaborate sundaes. From ghosts to monsters, you’ll find them all having a party in the ice cream here. Go wild and get a brain freeze with these fun and colorful flavors!

Baskin Robbins official website:

Tully’s Coffee

If you don’t have time to sit down for a snack, just pop by your nearest Tully’s Coffee and grab a Halloween Pumpkin Latte to go. The rich pumpkin flavor will warm your body and soul, and the Halloween cookie is the perfect topping to give you a small kick. Will you be greeted by a Jack-o’-Lantern, a ghost or a shadowy bat? Order one and find out! Starting at ¥570 for a tall size, Tully’s Pumpkin Latte is a good way to get some Halloween spirit on the go.

Tully’s Coffee official website:

It’s hard enough to get tired of Japan’s sheer variety of sweets, but it’s truly impossible when they find ways to come up with attractive new flavors every season. Halloween is at the heart of pop culture in October, and you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice with the adorable confectioneries available. Spice up the fall with some awfully kawaii desserts from these shops!

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