LED Shoe Giveaway!!: “Tokyo Rad Girls” Model Shoot in Shibuya!

LED Shoe Giveaway!!: “Tokyo Rad Girls” Model Shoot in Shibuya!
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LED shoes have become a hot topic among the fashion conscious girls in Tokyo. As soon as they went on sale at WEGO in Harajuku, the shoes became all the talk of amateur models (in Japan the term is “dokusha model” which literally means “reader models” and refers to amateur or up-and-coming models usually in their mid-teens to early 20’s who appear in various fashion magazines) with a storm of retweets and favorites lighting up the Twittersphere. We at TGU had an article introducing this trend a while back and we received an overwhelming response through Facebook and Twitter with many comments like: “I want them!” and “Where can I get them?” (Note: WEGO ended selling the shoes)
ファッションに敏感な女の子たちの間で突如話題になった、LEDシューズ。原宿にあるWEGOというお店が販売を始めたところ、またたく間に読モたちの間で話題になり、TwitterでもRetweetやfavoriteの嵐! そんなLEDシューズを先日TGUでもご紹介したところ、予想以上に大反響(記事はこちら)。「欲しい!」「どこで買えるの?」など、SNSでもたくさんのコメントを頂きました。(注:WEGOでは販売終了しています)

Since they seem to be so popular, and thinking that we definitely want our readers to try them on, we will be giving away a pair of LED shoes each to 3 lucky readers!
そんなに人気ならば、ぜひTGU読者のみなさんにも履いてみてほしい……! そう思った編集部は、LEDシューズを3名様にプレゼントすることにしました!

In order to more effectively show the appeal of LED shoes, we have asked “Tokyo Rad Girls” Saaya to model them for us. First impression: they’re super bright! You’ll definitely get a lot of double takes while wearing these out at night!
そしてLEDシューズの魅力をもっとお伝えするため、実際にTokyo Rad  Girlsのさーやが履いてみました。とりあえず、めちゃめちゃ光る!!!! 通り過ぎる人はだいたい二度見です。

Push the button on the inside of the shoes to switch between 7 different colors available. There’s even an option to have the lights change colors! If you really want to stand out, the “special option” is the one that you want to select (note: even just on a “normal setting”, the LEDs are pretty bright)! Saaya was one of many that thought, “I want them!” when she first saw the shoes on Twitter.
靴の内側にあるボタンを押して、7パターンの色から好きなものを選ぶことができます。また7色がランダムに点灯し続けるスペシャルパターンも! 目立ちたいなら間違いなくスペシャルパターンを選びましょう(注:普通のパターンでも嫌なほど光ります)。ちなみにさーやもTwitterで見て「欲しい!!」と本気で思っていたそう。

One of Saaya’s friends, Maya also wanted to try the shoes on. She commented, “At first glance, they look like normal shoes, something you would normally wear, no?” However! The impact of walking can easily turn the shoes on as the button on the inside comes into contact with your feet, so be careful!
ついでにさーやのお友達、まやも履いてみました。「一見普通の靴っぽいから、普段から履けそうじゃない~?」とのこと。ただし! 歩いた時の衝撃で勝手に内側のボタンが押され、LEDが点灯してしまうことがあるのでご注意をw 

Some might be wondering, “are the shoes heavy?” but rest assured that they are no heavier than a normal pair of shoes (one shoe is 360g). Even if you don’t have the LEDs turned on, they look like a normal, stylish pair of white sneakers. The LEDs can be easily charged with a USB cable so they are ecologically friendly as well! In addition to standing out at night or in a dark club, these shoes can be incorporated into your daily rotation of shoes (probably). These LED shoes are one of this season’s must get items!
もしかしてこの靴は重いのかな? と心配もしましたが、普通の靴となんら変わりません(一足360g)。しかも点灯していない状態では、おしゃれな白スニーカーとして履けそうな気がするくらいです。またUSBで充電ができる、という点もなかなか近代的! 夜道やライブ会場でもひときわ目立てるし、ファッションとしても普通に使える(多分)このLEDシューズ、ゲットするしか!

Apply for the LED shoes raffle here: Go to Campaign Page
Winners will be contacted by e-mail to confirm their address and shoe size.
*You need to sign up for applying for this campaign.


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