Get a Taste at Daily Chiko in Nakano Broadway! This 8-Flavors-in-One Ice Cream is Genius

Get a Taste at Daily Chiko in Nakano Broadway! This 8-Flavors-in-One Ice Cream is Genius
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Nakano Broadway, the “holy land of subculture” has many kinds shops, including fashion, accessory, eateries all lined up. But among all of these, we heard there was one place “you just have to try once”, and so we went to check it out.

We followed the escalator down to the first basement floor according to our map, and after passing through a fish market and supermarket, we finally reached a popular shop called Daily Chiko. This time we brought model Seriko Hamasaki along with us. Her head-to-toe pink fashion really matched Daily Chiko’s vibe.


As soon as we laid our eyes on the display it was clear why everyone would want to visit this shop. There were many flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry all in a row, but there was an “extra large” ice cream tower that immediately stood out. There was something about it that was just asking us to order it!


The ice cream tower was a combination of eight different flavors in one, with four of the flavors- vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and café mocha- from their regular menu, and four flavors from their seasonal menu. Right now those flavors are green tea, ramune, as well as yuzu and melon Calpis, as part of the rainy season menu.

Ordering was simple. There are three sizes to pick from, with three flavors for a small, four for a medium, and eight for the extra large, and you can also choose to have them put it in a cone or a cup. Last, you give them the number of the ice cream flavors you’d like. By the way, despite how much comes with the extra large, it’s only 480 yen! Surely its great value is the reason it’s been popular for so many years with those in the area.

Since Seriko came all the way here with us, we went for the extra large. We stared as the shop clerk’s hands as she piled on the ice cream, and felt a rush of excitement when she handed her the completed tower. It was as big as her head, and had quite a bit of weight to it, so she started carefully from the strawberry on top. All of the flavors looked delicious, and Seriko’s face as she happily ate it was adorable.

daily-chiko-nakano-icecream-02 daily-chiko-nakano-icecream-04 daily-chiko-nakano-icecream-05

But is it really possible to eat this ice cream all by oneself? We couldn’t stop wondering, and asked the clerk, who said very few people at it by themselves, and that two or three people usually shared it. We figured there are many people that accidentally drop the tower because of how tall and wobbly it is, and while it does happen, apparently it only occurs about once a month.




Daily Chiko told us they were planning to release new summer flavors as soon as the rainy season lets up. They sell anywhere from 200 to 300 extra large ice creams a day, and we imagine that number increases during summer. In the past they’ve tried out flavors like tomato, peppermint, cream cheese, and punch, which leaves us wondering, what flavors will they come out with this summer?


Photo by kobadog
Model : Seriko Hamasaki
Translated by Jamie Koide

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Daily Chiko
Address : Nakano Broadway Cope Broadway Center B1F, Nakano5-52-15, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Nakano
TEL : 03-3386-4461


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