TokyoGirls'Update’s New MV for “W.W.D II” Revealed!’s New MV for “W.W.D II” Revealed!

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Finally, has released the MV for their new single “W.W.D II” which is set for release on October 2nd!
The song is a follow-up from “W.W.D” which was released in January. It will be the second documentary song based on the member’s true story written and composed by Hyadain (Kenichi Maeyamada).
This time, agehasprings, who worked on their previous single “Den Denpassion”, is in charge of the arrangement of this song as well.

The MV features an imaginary world in 2020, after 7 years from now.
In the story, members go their separate ways :

  • Yumemi Nemu : Owner of a hostess bar
  • Furukawa Mirin : City council member
  • Mogami Moga : Shut-in (again)
  • Naruse Eimi : Shaman
  • Fujisaki Ayane : Member of Z49.
  • Aizawa Risa : Host of an educational music TV program

Furthermore, disturbing idol group BiS‘s members make special appearance in this MV! They display great acting skills as BiS tries to take Fujisaki Ayane (a.k.a Pinky), who continues to perform as idol with the future in 2020, to become a member of their group.

Well, Dempagumi has given a subtitle to the Music Video of “Starting from nothing is actually really tough!?”
What happened to the girls live in the world in 2020!?
Check out the MV below!!

“W.W.D II” has been already available via iTunes!

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