Cosplay costume series collaborated is now available nationwide!

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Cosplay costume series collaborated is now available nationwide!

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Costume manufacturer CLEARSTONE announced that their costume line “TOKIMEKI GRAFFITI” which Japanese idol unit “” collaborated on, is for sale nationwide. The costumes were selected from 100 cosplay appeared in the photobook “DEMPA MODELS X 100 COSPLAY” published in August. 48 costumes including 8 types from its luxury line “VIPCAST” are now available at mail order site and discount franchise chain “Don Quixote” throughout Japan.

Exclusive presale of the series at Don Quijote Akihabara in May 2013 recorded sales of more than 100 in the first day of release.
It was created for the people who experience the excitement and the joy of transformation for the first time. The company CLEARSTONE aims for a promotion of Japanese standard regarded as an elaborated work and fine quality.
The luxury line “VIPCAST” is also note worthy. It is newly produced while being conscious of fashionability, comfort, and contemporaneity.

Various types of Cosplay Costume such as bunny suit, maid, nurse clothes, and school uniform, Check the website below!

Cosplay Gallery

written by Yuji Hara

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