BiS to release Last Album “WHO KiLLED IDOL?” having Star Artists as Guests

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BiS to release Last Album “WHO KiLLED IDOL?” having Star Artists as Guests

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Disturbing idol BiS (Brand-new Idol Society) who has professed to disband in 2014, unveiled that they are going to release the last original album “WHO KiLLED IDOL?” on March 5.

The album records 15 songs total in addition to the single tracks after the release of their first album, such as “GET YOU w/Dorothy Little Happy”, “BiSimulation”, Hide out cut”, “DiE”, “MURA-MURA”, “Fly”, “Hi”, and “STUPiG”, including seven songs newly recorded such as the ballads “primal. 2” that J-Rock giant HISASHI (GLAY) took part in the guitar playing, or a cover of legendary band THE YELLOW MONKEY “primal”.

There are many star artists more than that. Kenta Matsukuma (SCRAMBLES), Toru Hidaka (THE STARBEMS ex-BEAT CRUSADERS), Noriaki Tsuda (KEMURI, THE REDEMPTION), AKIHIRO NAMBA (Hi-STANDARD, NAMBA69), Takeshi Ueda (AA=) will participate in the last album as a producer and writer.

By the way, the last album will be prepared in 3 types including the Limited Movie Edition, MUSIC VIDEO EDITION, and CD Edition. In the bonus DVD for the MOVIE Edition, a special edition of the movie that BiS starring, “Idol is Dead ~ Nonchan no Propaganda Dai Senso ~” which has just been premiered on January 11, will be supplied with the album.

The bonus for the MUSIC VIDEO Edition will include 17 sensational video clips that have attracted public attention under the theme of such as face slapping among idols, covering in blood, skin heads, cyberpunk, and more.

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Track List / BiS “WHO KiLLED IDOL?”


01. primal.2
02. DiE
03. STUPiG
04. no regret
05. マグマト
06. GET YOU w/Dorothy Little Happy
08. MMGK
09. BiSimulation
11. nasty face
12. Fly
13. Hi
14. Hide out cut
15. プライマル。

[DVD – MOVIE Edition]

・IDOL IS DEAD – Non chan no Propaganda Daisensou – “Special Edition”


01. ASH
02. hitoribochi
03. GET YOU w/Dorothy Little Happy
04. BiSimulation
05. Hide out cut
06. DiE
08. Fly
09. Hi
10. STUPiG
11. ODD FUTURE -Pour Lui Ver.-
12. ODD FUTURE -Hirano Nozomi Ver.-
13. ODD FUTURE -First Summer Uika Ver.-
14. ODD FUTURE -Tentenko Ver.-
15. ODD FUTURE -Kamiya Saki Ver.-
16. ODD FUTURE -Koshouji Megumi Ver.-
17. primal.2

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written by Yuji Hara

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