Babyraids JAPAN, the Sunset Shined Their TIF2018 Last Stage

ベイビーレイズJAPAN 夕陽に美しく照らされたTIF2018ラストステージ
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Babyraids JAPAN, the Sunset Shined Their TIF2018 Last Stage

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August 5, 2018, Babyraids JAPAN performed on the SMILE GARDEN stage at TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2018. This was the last TIF performance for them who are breaking up as of September 24. Not only many Toragaa but also many idol fans rushed to witness their last stage. It was definitely the stage that drew the greatest attention out of all TIF 2018 stages as even other idol groups came to the press area to witness.

Once OVERTURE was played, big applause from the venue boomed out. Five members in a white-based costume came on the stage. Manatsu Hayashi exclaimed, “Never forget Babyraids JAPAN!” and kicked off the stage with “Baby Ambitious”. Before hook-line of the next song, “Charinko Idol” Rikako Ooya stirred up the crowd to pump their fists, and the fans followed.

Babyraids JAPAN_TIF_2018_06

Babyraids JAPAN_TIF_2018_07

Babyraids JAPAN_TIF_2018_08

The energy at the venue heated up during “Cinderella Ja Irarenai”. During the bridge of the song, Rikako Ooya said, “SMILE GARDEN is great! Thank you everyone!” Five members showed their furious dance along the song. They continued performing both of their new and old songs as the fourth song was their debut song, “Babyraids” and the fifth song was “Bokura wa Koko ni Iru”. Nao Takami showed her powerful rapping in the song of “Bokura wa Koko ni Iru”, and Hayashi’s strong voice resonated toward the sky in Odaiba.

Babyraids JAPAN_TIF_2018_05

Babyraids JAPAN_TIF_2018_04

It was half past 5pm. The sunset started illuminating them brilliantly.

As soon as the intro of the last song, “Yoake Brand New Days” was heard, the crowd raised a round of cheers. It was a mix of their feelings of delight and sadness. They had waited for this song but they knew this would be the last song as well. Ooya changed the lyrics where it’s sung as “Itsudatte Omoidasu Kimi no Koe” to “Itsudatte Omoidasu Minna no Koe” with her finger pointing the venue from one end to the other. Each member’s passion and spirit of “giving it all they’ve got” were clearly expressed. Once the music finished, a big round of applause was given to the five members who sang all the six songs in a row.

Babyraids JAPAN_TIF_2018_02

Erika Denya expressed her appreciation, saying “TIF has given us this opportunity to see this wonderful view for 6 years since we debuted. TIF staff, other idols, and every single fan who supports idols, everyone is our friends. Thank you for coming to our stage and sharing this great view with us. Thank you so much!”
She continued, “This great moment will continue at Lake Yamanaka on September 24. We, Babyraids JAPAN and Team Babyraids JAPAN, will all be waiting for you there.” And lastly, all five members said, “Babyraids JAPAN. Thank you so much” and left the stage with a smile.
“Thank YOU” was heard from all over the venue and the applause didn’t stop for a while.

Babyraids JAPAN_TIF_2018_03

Babyraids JAPAN
August 5 at SMILE GARDEN 5:25pm-5:55pm

Set List

01 Baby Ambitious
02 Charinko Idol
03 Cinderella Ja Irarenai
04 Babyraids
05 Bokura wa Koko ni Iru
06 Yoake Brand New Days

Babyraids JAPAN LAST LIVE “Zen Tora ga Naita! Densetsu no Saikou live (Climax) ~Zenyasai~”
September 23, 2018
Yamanakako Communication Plaza KIRARA

Babyraids JAPAN LAST LIVE “Zen Tora ga Naita! Densetsu no Saikou live (Climax)”
September 24, 2018
Yamanakako Communication Plaza KIRARA

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