The First Trailer Video for “Attack on Titan” Live-action Movie Revealed & Release Date Scheduled for This August!

The First Trailer Video for “Attack on Titan” Live-action Movie Revealed & Release Date Scheduled for This August!

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Hajime Isayama’s popular manga “Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)” is getting a live-action film, and the first trailer from the movie was finally released on March 20th.

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In the footage, we can get a glimpse of “Eren” (Haruma Miura), “Mikasa” (Kiko Mizuhara), Armin” (Kanata Hongo), and “Hanji” (Satomi Ishihara). Of course, the powerful looking Titans can been seen finally in 3.0D in the end of the footage.

When it became allowed to show the images on a news variety show “ZIP” in Japan, it immediately became a hot topic on the internet. There were many voicing disappointment due to live action movie adaptations of manga always being short, but now there are much praises for its high quality. Many positive comments appeared, including: “It looks better than I expected”, “In my honest opinion, as far as this image goes, it’s high-quality”, and “It looks like it will turn out good”. What is your opinion?







The full details have yet to be unveiled, but Shirou Sagisu, known for the “Rebuild of Evangelion” series, will be working on the soundtrack, and Isao Tsuge, known as the visual director for “Cutie Honey”, “Parasyte”, and others, will be in charge of make-up. It is said that the Three-Dimensional Maneuvering Gear and soldiers’ costumes will be highly detailed and the fictional setting will being filled with realistic elements while staying true to the world of the manga.

Now it has been announced that the release dates will be on August 1 (Part 1), and on September 19 (Part 2). We can’t wait until the release date to see what kind of sensations the 3D reconstruction of the giants’ world will give us!


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