“@JAM” and “Natalie” Take Hands To Create The Best J-POP Expo This September!

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“@JAM” and “Natalie” Take Hands To Create The Best J-POP Expo This September!

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@JAM“, known as the organizer for the largest class Japanese Pop Culture events, have held “@JAM Expo” every summer at Yokohama Arena. The site will move from Yokohama to Makuhari Arena in Chiba this year to open the biggest music festival ever!! This upcoming event is feasible by forming a strong tag with the Japanese best known pop culture music news site, “Natalie“; which both have connected their bond throughout developing articles and reports inside and outside Japan in the past.


The photo is from the last summer’s @JAM EXPO

The “@JAM×Natalie EXPO 2016” chief producer, Keiichi Hashimoto speaks how taking a tag with Natalie, who will celebrating their upcoming 10th anniversary next year, created this powerful event, which he explains about “@JAM” is an event to support, of course the idols who strive their activities for the upper level challenge, and also the fans who cheer them. He assures the quality of the two days at Makuhari Arena which is totally new and definitely fun for everyone!


So called “@JAM×Natalie EXPO 2016”, holding on September 24th and 25th, creates the never seen festival with Natalie to end this summer!!

“@JAM×Natalie EXPO 2016” Official Homepage:
@JAM Official Homepage:

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