“Hanayashiki Style Ninja Experience” Make Your Wish to Become Ninja Come True!

“Hanayashiki Style Ninja Experience” Make Your Wish to Become Ninja Come True!
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Second technique is “tiptoes (Shinobi Ashi no Jutsu).” This technique is try to walk on gravel without noise! You can’t put heel on the ground and try to walk slowly. It is said that walk backward with tiptoes is more difficult than forward, but Serimaru did well with backward!! Ninzou said she’s very good at it.

Third one is “escape techniques (Kakuremi no Jutsu).” You can transfer unseeable by wearing a cloth which is same pattern of backgrounds. Ninzo showed a example and we really can’t see him!


Serimaru tried next, but her foot was able to see!lol  Serimaru need to improve more. To be a Ninja is difficult!

The last training is “Throwing-knife (Shuriken).” Many people influenced by anime or manga, they think that it thrown by sideways, but it thrown by lengthways! People who tries for the first time is usually can’t hit the mark, especially women, but Serimaru hit by second try! And surprisingly, she continue to hit more and more! Maybe Serimaru’s previous life was Ninja?

After finish 4 lessons, you can receive diploma! At last, take a picture for commemoration and that all for the Ninja lesson!


serimaru-hanayashiki-74 serimaru-hanayashiki-71

If you want to try Hanayashiki Style Ninja Experience, you need to reserve beforehand. Here below is the reservation site you can order in English, so if you’re interested in it, why not trying!


Photo by Kenta Kuzuhara
Model : Seriko Hamasaki
Translated by Chihiro

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Address : Hanayasiki Street, 2-28-1, Asakusa, Taitou-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Asakusa
TEL : 03-3842-5587



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