Active from 1990 to 1996, performing successful shows at the Nippon Budokan 2days, and the Yokohama Arena, the Tokyo Performance Doll (TPD) were a legendary girls group who left their mark on pop music history. In 2013 the Tokyo Performance Doll were reborn with all new members. Their performances combine drama and live music, such as in their stage show “PLAY x LIVE ‘1 x 0’ (PLAYLIVE One By Zero)”, and they are successfully introducing elements of real dramatic theater into the live idol scene.
Also, their debut single released on June 11th, “BRAND NEW STORY” reached number 8 in the Oricon Weekly Ranking, surpassing the original TPD by entering the Oricon Top 10. From July 25th to July 29th, they will make their first overseas appearance at the “16th ACG Hong Kong Anime Manga Game Exhibition 2014”. As the most closely observed idol group of the moment, we asked the Tokyo Performance Doll how they feel about their current success and their upcoming performances.

1990年から1996年まで活動し、日本武道館2days公演、横浜アリーナ公演などを成功させ、今も記憶に残る伝説のガールズグループ東京パフォーマンスドール(TPD)。2013年に新メンバーで新生東京パフォーマンスドールが再結成された。演劇とライブの融合したステージ「PLAY x LIVE 『1×0』(プレイライブワンバイゼロ)」などライブアイドルシーンに本格的な芝居の要素を取り入れた公演を成功させている。
また、6/11発売となったデビューシングル「BRAND NEW STORY」はオリコンウィークリーランキング8位を記録し、先代のTPDでは達成できなかったオリコンTOP10入を果たした。7/25〜29では、初の海外公演となる「香港第16回ACG アニメ漫画ゲーム展 2014」に出演する。今最も注目されるアイドルグループ、東京パフォーマンスドールに現在の心境やライブへの意気込みなどを伺った。

img_TPD_001– Could you introduce yourself please?

(from left side of front raw)
I’m Kaho Hamasaki.I’m Nana Takashima, the leader of TPD. I’m Seira Jonishi. I’m Saki Sakurai. I’m Akari Waki.
(from left side of back raw)
I’m Sakurako Iida. I’m Futaba Tachibana. I’m Saki Shingu. I’m Anyu Kobayashi.


– What is an idol group TPD like?

Tokyo Performance Doll (TPD as following) has come back again last year June with new members, after seven year’s absence.
There were many famous people in the former TPD, such as Ryoko Shinohara and Yuri Ichikawa.
Now, we are not just performing new songs. We have been taking over the original TPD performing style called “Dance Summit” with singing their original songs, and performing their concert style of non-stop dancing and singing.

Tokyo Performance Doll(以下TPD)は、昨年の6月に新メンバーで17年ぶりに復活しました。先代のTPDには、篠原涼子さんや市井由理さんなど、たくさんの有名な先輩方がいらっしゃるんですけど、今、私たちはオリジナル曲だけでなく、元祖TPDが行っていた歌とダンスのノンストップの『ダンスサミット』や曲も受け継いでパフォーマンスさせて頂いています。

– People who were fans of TPD at those days are coming to see your performance?

Yes. In the beginning we started new TPD, almost all the people were fan of the original one, but recently people who don’t know the original TPD has been increasing.


[NEXT] Debut, and to participate in the big events.


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