Momochi: First, you should get along with the translator to know about you in advance. Ask the translator if she/he has came to Japan before and why did you start to like Japan, and take communication together. Then, if you go up on the stage, the translator will help you. Also, at the Japanese culture event, there are many customers who know Japanese, so even though you speak in Japanese they will be pleased.

Arata: So, that means I should not be afraid and be brave.

-Asakawa, do you have places you want to go in the future?

Asakawa: Ah, Asia! I have an image of Anime in Asia. Also, I like American comics, so I want to go to America. I have a passport, but I never went abroad. My deadline for the passport is coming soon, even though I never used it before.


-Do you  have fans abroad?

Asakawa:For Twitter, I got a reply from Thailand. At first, I thought it was a spam so I used Google translate, but it said something like, “I respect games. I love games and I love you.” I realized that it was my fan, so I used the Google teacher and said, “Thank you so much. I don’t really know Thai, but nice to meet you.”Then, that person responded, “I know Japanese. Thank you.”in Japanese, so that was funny. Sometimes, I get long sentences in English or in foreign language for my Twitter reply. The concept of our group is game for Last Question and we dress up as a character in the game. That’s why the foreigners may have reacted to the picture.

Arata: I like cosplay and I love looking at photos of people’s cosplay from different countries. I am amazed of the cosplay’s quality, because it is really high.

Momochi: When I went to Indonesia, there were people who dressed up as a Patlabor, Kamen Rider, etc., and it impressed me a lot.

-Have you guys ever cosplay before?

Asakawa: When I was a student I did it, but now I haven’t done that much. I like collecting clothes for cosplay, but I don’t really wear it. I buy the favourite character’s cosplay through auction at a very low price. I keep it in my house and I get satisfied with myself. Recently, I got a uniform of “Tokimeki Memorial” and “Loveplus.” I display them in my house.


-You don’t want to wear them?

Asakawa: Nope. I am the type of otaku which thinks that the uniform is more valuable when I don’t wear it. It makes me happy when the uniform that the character wore is in my house.

Arata: I love wearing cosplays. In Taiwan, there is a place where I can make cosplay clothes in a cheap price. When I went there before, I made lots of cosplays which fits in my size. However, I haven’t worn three or four of them. For example, the cosplay for Hinaichigo from Rozen Maiden, Shinpachi from Gintama, Vocaloid, etc.

-Asakawa, Do you have anything to ask to Momochi?

Asakawa: The anime event in foreign countries is on the Japanese media and news these days, however there are not many game events in foreign countries.


Momochi: Indeed. There are many world conferences for games in foreign countries, but I think we should have more events related to games.

-People who love game do competitions of making games in foreign countries though.

Asakawa: For anime, we can have DJ or cosplay, but there are not many events like that for games.

Momochi: I think we should produce the event! I hope the game company looks at this interview.

Asakawa; That will be great!

Momochi: I will do the MC for that event! On the other hand, the game industry is growing rapidly now, and the board games are booming again.

Asakwa: It is not becoming a subculture anymore.

Momochi: The oversea board game was introduced in Japan as well, and it was really interesting. Recently, I played a board game and I had to make a title for the novel. I needed to combine the first and the last part of the poem, and present about the title.

Asakawa; Similar to that, there is an another board game called “Cat&Chocolate.” For example, there is a situation of you encounter a murder, and you are suspected as a criminal. By using two cards, I needed to do a presentation to get out of that situation, and people will judge if that is good or bad. It is very interesting.


Momochi: Also, the town type riddle is amazing too. Last year, I did the riddle game event at Suginami-ku, and Shokotan was doing it at Nakano-ku. In the game industry, people say that online games are amazing, but it’s getting more analog these days.

Arata: Ah, I just remembered, but a game called Punchline will be released soon, and we are singing the ending theme “Let’s stand up!”, so please check that out too!

Asakawa: By the way, Last Question sells a board game as well with a CD. You can play with the board game while you listen to the CD. Normally, board game is hard to comprehend and we need instruction to understand, but for this game, by listening to the track of the CD, you will be able to understand it even though if you are a beginner. I like to find the method for the board game alone, but yesterday as a challenge to myself, I wrote how much money I spent in the game in my notebook, so that I can try to win that score from yesterday.

-Wow, I think it is a very interesting idea to have a game and a CD together.

Asakawa: The company called SCRAP which Last Question belongs manages a real escaping game, so as a game lover I’m really happy. For your information, the board game with the CD made a success in crowd funding, so the stock is limited. You should buy it now!

Momochi: Talking about crowd funding, I published a young-adult fiction last year. The teacher who novelized Ghost in the Shell was the café’s shop manager. It was diagonally opposite of Asagaya Anime Street where I usually go. I was drinking a cup of tea, and I was thinking about anime. Then, the teacher introduced the crowd funding company next to the café, so this young-adult fiction was born miraculously.

-Making effort is of course important, but you are a very lucky person! Now, we listened to many stories, but what is your best appeal point Momochi?

Momochi: Because of my anime-ish appearance, I get an offer from different creators. I can propose what I want to make spontaneously, so I think that is my most appeal point.I want to make anime in the future, and that is my dream. I want to strengthen my skills more through novel, inside PC, paper, etc.

-Thank you very much. How about you guys?

Arata: I am good at Chinese and I am studying English, so I want to express my group and I in my own words more. In Twitter, I tweet in foreign language, but I want to try doing video transmission. For example, there are medias such as YouTube and Niconico Douga, which I can send information to overseas. I think I will get more reactions through movies than photos these days. Also, We are singing the ending theme for “Punchline,” so I hope we can thing more anime song and game song in the future. I want to do a cosplay and perform as well.


Yurano: I love lots of things like giant isopod, women’s pro-wrestling. I knew that Momochi was doing the ring announcer. I want to do it as well. Also, it’s different from idol or anime, but I want to go abroad as well. There’s no specific reason though. Personally, I like giant isopod, UFO, UMA, etc. I want to expand my activity other than idol and anime.


Arata: Yuno is the chatterbox in the Hearts, and talks about stories which are quite maniac.

Yurano: Yes. Today, I brought my personal belonging (giant isopod doll). I like idols during the 80s as well, because of my mum’s influence. Also, I like gas mask. I love wearing uniform with the gas mask, and I take a photo wearing that. I don’t put it on SNS, but I showed it to the members. Someday, I want to collect people who love steam punk and make a collection of photographs. When I walk Harajuku with that kind of fashion, many foreigners ask me for a photo. I want to make this as a sales point, and I hope I can have an event with Momochi.

Momochi: Having a lots of hobbies are great!

Asakawa: I want to make myself as a game character and use it for the character for the escape game. The strong point for Last Question is that the game character is real, and you can actually meet them.

For example, for Zelda, there are people who cosplay as Zelda, but you can’t actually meet it. However, for the warriors in the game called Last Question, you can actually hand shake and talk to them. This is the strong and unique point for this group. I think the foreigners will love this creativity. I want people to know about Last Questions more this year. We are making 2-D into real. Playing games through screen is finished. I want people to know that they can be the real main character and experience the game.

Momochi: I want to be an anime someday! The fans can meet me inside and outside the anime. That will make it exciting!


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