Warp into Edo Period with AOP in MV “Zenryoku Batan Q”, Opening Theme of the Anime “Osomatsu San” Second Season!!

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Warp into Edo Period with AOP in MV “Zenryoku Batan Q”, Opening Theme of the Anime “Osomatsu San” Second Season!!

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After the first on air of the second season anime “Osomatsu-san”, Anime Katteni Ouen Project (AOP), revealed the TV Edit version of “Zenryoku Batan Q” (February, 10th On Sale), which is the opening theme for the second season “Osomatsu-san”. The huge success of the first season opening theme “Hanamaru Pippi Wa Yoiko Dake” brought high attention to AOP. They are now one of the admitted anime song idol group in Japan.

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“Zenryoku Batan Q” seems to have a theme of Ninja by looking at the dance and the shooting place which is at a Japanese castle. The music is categorized as J-pop, but with strong touch of traditional Japanese instruments used. Like the last single, the character called Iyami, who is a sub character of Osomatsu-san, appears in the video. The lyrics and the dance again has motifs connecting with Osomatsu-san. From the intro, the members create a pose called “Sheh- pose” that Iyami takes when he is surprised or shocked. This pose is widely known to Japanese citizens, mainly for adults who have watched “Osomatsu-kun” in their childhood.


“Zenryoku Batan Q” will pre-release the TV size on iTunes on January 13th. AOP is having a one-man live concert called “AOP Nanairo Project LIVE” on February 21st (Sun) at Shinjuku BLAZE, and the tickets are still available online. Don’t miss out the upcoming anime song idol’s one-man concert before the huge hit that we are expecting from them!!

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