TGU Giveaway : Once You Start, You Can’t Stop! Japanese Schoolgirls Are Addicted to “BLACK THUNDER”

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TGU Giveaway : Once You Start, You Can’t Stop!  Japanese Schoolgirls Are Addicted to “BLACK THUNDER”

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When you hear or see the words “Black Thunder“, what comes to mind? Maybe there are some of you out there that have already heard of it?

Black Thunder is a crispy chocolate candy bar that is popular with teenagers in Japan right now. At the amazingly cheap price of 32 yen, it can be found at supermarkets and convenience stores throughout the country.

black-thunder-school-girl-48 black-thunder-school-girl-49

For its size, Black Thunder feels a bit heavy in the hand, which is to be expected of something made of chocolate but it’s also very sweet. As someone in their late 20’s, I had 1 and thought that was enough but it is common for teenagers to eat 3-4 of them in a row! To be honest, there’s nothing that screams, “this is super delicious!” about Black Thunder. It’s good but it’s kind of average. And even then, its popularity with teens is to the point where I wonder, “How did it end up like this? It’s like they’re addicted!”

black-thunder-school-girl-04 black-thunder-school-girl-01 black-thunder-school-girl-05

Having previously met many Japanese schoolgirls through work, I can say that, in general, they will eat like there is no tomorrow! Don’t let their appearances deceive you! Out of the corner of my eye I could see them munching on Black Thunder that they had taken out of their bags. Looking at the packaging, it even had “Currently a big hit with young women!” printed on it! What kind of slogan is that?! Is that something to boast about so openly?

black-thunder-school-girl-09 black-thunder-school-girl-10 black-thunder-school-girl-08 black-thunder-school-girl-07

I would always see those kinds of girls who love Black Thunder but had always wanted to ask them why they love it so much!! As a writer, I had to find out the reason! So I have come to ask these 3 schoolgirls to talk about their love for Black Thunder.

First there is “Azuki” chan, the one who’s addiction to Black Thunder cannot be beat. It seems that she likes it so much that at school, she is known commonly as “Azuki-chan who really, really, really likes Black Thunder”.

I like the taste and it’s easy to eat. It’s like, isn’t the size perfect? Not too big, not too small. You can buy exactly the amount you want to eat. I can easily bring it to school and if I eat it all, some underclassmen will be like, “I’ll go buy some more” and bring me back some! (lol) It’s as if they already know. I don’t really eat any other chocolate candy. If I’m going to the store to buy something, without a doubt, I’m also buying some Black Thunder. It’s kind of a habit. (lol) I’m gonna get it! (lol) And you can eat it during class without getting caught! (lol) The sound from the crunching is a lot quieter than you would think. I think the most I ever ate was 20 in a day. So now, I’m the fattest I have ever been in my life (lol). Usually I will break it into 6 pieces and eat it; I’ll break it into 6 pieces inside the package. By doing that, it doesn’t mess up my lipstick.

Next we have “Nami” chan, who always eats a lot of Black Thunder before a test.

I love it! I buy it all the time. Especially for when I’m studying on the night before a test, I’ll eat maybe 3-5 in one sitting. It’s like once I start; I can’t stop! It’s because I have to concentrate! (lol) It’s like if you’re eating a regular chocolate bar, you’ll get tired of eating it, right? The crispiness is the main point. The cookie bits inside too, it’s a little different, like it’s crumbly or something. The difference in texture doesn’t stop.

Last is “Wakatechi“chan. She didn’t think that she really ate it that much but when she thought about it, she realized that she ate it quite often.

When I see it at the convenience store, it’s like “I’m gonna eat it!” and I buy it right then and there. It’s cheap and easy to eat. You can finish it right away. How long has it been like this? I don’t even know! (lol) It feels like something I ate since I was little. All my friends at school like it too, you know? What could it be? I dunno! (lol)


These 3 may have their different reasons for loving Black Thunder but it’s as if they can think of no other candy or food aside from it! It has become a part of their lives! It’s like they’re addicted to it! No matter how much you like a certain food; it’s unimaginable to only eat that one thing, right? You must be a little bit curious to try the super-addicting Black Thunder now, right? You are in luck because Tokyo Girls’ Update will be giving away a box of 20 (aka “Azuki-chan Challenge Box”) to 5 lucky subscribers!  (*You need to be logged in to apply this campaign!)

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Photo by Kenta Kuzuhara

Black Thunder Official Site (English) :

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