TEMPURA KIDS to release Cover Album for Kids

TEMPURA KIDS to release Cover Album for Kids

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Ex back dancer of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, TEMPURA KIDS will release a cover mini album for kids on March 12.

The mini album was designed to provide “a dance and fun for all children and adults” in response to the current situation in Japan that dance became a required subject in public junior high school, and increase in Kids Dancers population. However, it is not only good and educational, but also has finished with the work that makes us feel the free enjoyment of music and dance in an edgy way that only energetic TEMPURA KIDS can.

In the aspect of sound, they collaborated with artists who have never worked with the kids before. A track “Suimin Busoku” was band-arranged by Japanese girls ska pop band “Oreskaband”, “Dona Dona” was produced by an up-and-coming songwriter “CHI-MEY” who participated in the track as a featuring vocal as well.

Moreover, in the track of an ancient song “Sakura Sakura”, an Okinawan breakbeats unit “HIFANA” wrote lyrics, TEMPURA KIDS tried rapping for the first time. A classic song with motions “Gu Choki Pa de Nani Tukurou (Let’s make something with Rock, Scissors, Paper)” changed to a groovy funk track with Kiyosaku (MONGOL800) produce.

In addition, a bonus DVD for the limited edition will record 4 dance performance videos and choreography commentaries. TEMPURA KIDS to leave a strong impact in make-up and unique costume everytime, it is also worth to note that they wore different costumes for each song in the bonus videos.

Tracks recorded :
“Suimin Busoku” (Produced by ORESKABAND)
“Dona Dona” feat. CHI-MEY(Produced by CHI-MEY)
“Computer Obaachan”(Produced by YMCK)
“Sakura Sakura” (Produced by HIFANA)
“Gu Choki Pa de Nani Tukurou”(Produced by KIYOSAKU[MONGOL800])
“Minna no Dance Medley” (Mixed by TeddyLoid)

<DVD> (only in Limited Edition)
“Suimin Busoku”
“Computer Obaachan”
“Sakura Sakura”
“Gu Choki Pa de Nani Tukurou”
Choreography Commentary footages

written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara
Yuji Hara

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