Team Syachihoko Accomplished with Their First Overseas Performance in Dalian, China!

Team Syachihoko Accomplished with Their First Overseas Performance in Dalian, China!

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Team Syachihoko appeared at the Second Dalian Japan Brand held in Dalian, China on March 21st and 22nd, performing on a special stage set up for a free live show twice each day. Due to the wild response they received on the first day the second performance was suddenly cancelled out for public safety reasons, but it was their time giving an overseas performance in front of a total of 3,000 fans!


The Japan Brand, which they performed for, focuses on making Chinese consumers more aware of Japanese goods and culture, and was first held in February 2012 in Guangdong. It is held as a privately invested event in China’s vice-provincial cities, since been held in Guangdong, Qingdao, Chengdu, and Dalian as an event where Japanese businesses expanding across China and local governments come together, including those in Dalian.

Team Syachihoko paid a courtesy call to the Japanese consulate in Dalian the day before the event, where Honoka Akimoto remarked on her aspirations that, “As idols we would like Chinese people to share in and enjoy Japanese culture! And as for me personally, I would like to try some soup dumplings.”

On the first day on the 21st, taking the stage for the first time, Team Syachihoko unleashed a parade of upbeat numbers, getting the crowd excited and dancing together. Starting off with “I Don’t Care”, “Pizza Desu!” and the like, from the beginning of the show they immediately got the crowd going wild!

Onlookers keeping their distance at the beginning of the show gradually began to show their smiles, and as a result both the second and third floors filled up. By giving their member introductions in Chinese and Honoka Akimoto’s adlibbing of “Nihao!” during songs, Team Syachihoko positively built on the excited response from the audience, and was able to shorten the distance between the audience members and themselves, giving a perfectly in-tune, Syachihoko-style (Killer Whale-style) performance.

To see the girls’ show of courage, many fans (around 200) rushed from Japan to heat up the success mode of their first overseas concert. During “Triple Seven” on their last day on stage, everyone sat in unison with the members, and showed so much excitement that no one would have believed it was the group’s first overseas concert. Although an announcement for the cancellation of their second performance on the first day was made with regards to public safety, Nao Sakura was able to focus on the next day’s performance and cheer the other members up, saying, “I think everyone (our fans and staff) must be disappointed, so we want to go on with a positive smile!”

Yuzu Ando returned to Japan on the second day due to academic obligations. Although there were just five members left on stage, they performed their latest single “Shampoo Hat” and others for a total of 17 enthusiastic song performances over the course of two days. Supported by encouragement from both local fans and fans that flew over from Japan, their first overseas performance successfully finished. 20 year old fans that came down from Beijing excitedly commented, “I never thought they would do a concert in China, so I’m really happy! Please come visit us in China again!”


Almost three years after their street debut, the group has accomplished much including giving a concert at Budokan and collaborating with Grammy award-winning artist BASEMENT JAXX, experienced performing on big stages, and because of how Team Syachihoko has grown rapidly, the free concert that gave in an unknown place, much like going back in time to their early beginnings, fit them perfectly.

Team Syachihoko will soon give their first two day arena performance, “Maku HOLLYWOOD”, at Makuhari Messe on May 9th and 10th. Their tie-in song “Twilight” will be included on their new single Tensai Bakabon, which is scheduled to be available for purchase on their May 13th, while their video documentary Syachimoude 2015 at Aichi-ken Taiikukan is scheduled for release on May 27th.

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