Rena Matsui, Akane Takayanagi, and Nao Furuhata Visit Nagoya CD Shops to Promote “Mae Nomeri”!

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Rena Matsui, Akane Takayanagi, and Nao Furuhata Visit Nagoya CD Shops to Promote “Mae Nomeri”!

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SKE48 members Rena Matsui, Akane Takayanagi, and Nao Furuhata paid surprise visits to CD shops in Nagoya to promote their 18th single “Mae Nomeri”(release date: August 12)! It was part of a day full of Matsui paying her respects to the businesses and media in Sakae for their kindness in supporting her and SKE48 for the past 7 years.

The Nagoya Sakae Tsutaya had set up a special “Rena Matsui Corner” to promote the single. HMV Sakae presented Rena with a bouquet of flowers. Tower Records at Nagoya Parco had a giant “Mae Nomeri” billboard inside the store, which Rena signed.

The day began with Rena Matsui, Jurina Matsui, and Takayanagi visiting local Nagoya radio station CBC in the morning and ended with an evening with an appearance on local TV station Chukyo Television Broadcasting where Rena, Takayanagi, and Furuhata were guests on a talk show. Rena commented about making the visits, “I can really feel how the local media and CD shops have been supporting SKE48 and thanks to them, a lot of people will come to know about us as my graduation at Toyota Stadium approaches.”

“Mae Nomeri” has been released in 4 Limited Edition versions and 4 regular versions (all CD/DVD). Type-A includes a Team S song titled “Suteki na Zaiaku-kan” and a documentary about the 7th generation SKE48 Kenkyuusei. Type-B includes a Team KII song titled “Shousou ga kono Boku wo Dame ni Suru” and a documentary about the 2nd generation draft members. Type-C includes a Team E song titled “Nagai Yume no Labyrinth” and the first part of a Rena Matsui documentary “2588 Days”. Type-D includes Rena Matsui’s graduation song “2588 Days” and the second part of her documentary. The coupling song for all versions is titled “Seifuku wo Kita Meitantei” performed by a unit called Dreaming Girls, however there is no MV for the song. The DVDs for each version include the MVs for “Mae Nomeri” and the exclusive songs on the CDs.

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Matsui Rena・SKE48 Sotsugyou Concert in Toyota Stadium〜2588DAYS〜
August 30, 2015 (Sunday)
Toyota Stadium (Aichi)

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