Where the Girls Are! SCANDAL Rock the Night Away With Their “Sisters”!

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Where the Girls Are! SCANDAL Rock the Night Away With Their “Sisters”!

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SCANDAL have revealed a short MV for their new single “Sisters” (release date: September 9)!

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The music for “Sisters” was composed by MAMI and the lyrics were written by RINA who was inspired by the film “Hinagiku“. With a steady beat, and slithery guitar lines, “Sisters” combines rock and dance for an anthemic song inspiring women to stand together, emphasized by all the girls rocking along with them. The only possible detractor is probably the use of autotune on Haruna’s opening lines, which might end up making it sound outdated when that technique falls out of fashion. Even though some of the young women in the video are using Instagram, a search for #scandal_sisters didn’t produce any pictures from the video shoot.

“Sisters” will be released in a limited edition version with a DVD and a regular version. The cover art was designed via a collaboration with popular fashion magazine “NYLON”. The DVD for the limited edition includes “SCANDAL “Documentary film「HELLO WORLD」” Another stories” with scenes from their recent world tour. The coupling song is titled “LIFE IS A JOURNEY”

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Sisters [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] / SCANDAL
Sisters / SCANDAL

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