SCANDAL Release Audio Preview of House-Rocking Party Song “Stamp!”

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SCANDAL Release Audio Preview of House-Rocking Party Song “Stamp!”

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Fresh off their 2015 world tour, SCANDAL somehow found time to record a new single titled “Stamp!” (release date: July 22) and have revealed a short audio preview for it.

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“Stamp!” was written and composed by MAMI, the lead guitarist of SCANDAL, and was engineered by 3-time Grammy winning producer/sound engineer Tom Lord-Alge. The image of the song is the blue skies on the West Coast of the United States and has a relaxed party vibe to it in the vein of “American girls’ rock”, a style which seems to be trending this year in Japan.

“Stamp!” will be sold in 3 versions: Limited edition CD/DVD Type-A and Type-B and a CD-only regular version. As the single was just announced, details about the contents of the DVDs have yet to be made public. The coupling song for the the single is titled “Flashback No.5”.

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