Return of Saki Kamiya to POP? MV for “Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky” Out Now!

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Return of Saki Kamiya to POP? MV for “Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky” Out Now!

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POP, the “King of Positive”, is going for broke with the hyper cheerful MV for “Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky” (release date: December 8)!

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POP have traded in their crimson jogging suits for fluffy, shiny idol-y outfits and best of all, Saki Kamiya appears in the video!!! Saki was placed on indefinite hiatus after POP’s one-man at Daikanyama Unit on August 9, 2015 and has been working as a staff member since then. While POP is known for their energetic performances, “Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky” takes everything and kicks it into overdrive before breaking off the controls and throwing them away! And there are hand puppets that look just like the members too! Were they made by the same people who made the ones for their labelmates Negicco?

As exciting as the release of “Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky” is, there is a chance that this may be the last that fans will see of Saki Kamiya. She will be embarking on a 100km marathon from Fuji-Q Highland and attempting to run all the way to Shimokitazawa SHELTER within 24 hours in order to win back her place in the group. If she makes it within the time limit, she will be welcomed back and perform during the live but, if she fails to do so, the live will start without her and she will leave the group.

“Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky” will include a second song titled “Alarm”. There is a lot riding on the success of Saki’s successful completion of her trial, especially now that fans have gotten too see her again performing with the rest of POP. There is the release of “Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky” on December 8th and “BILLE IDLE® Presents ‘Brand-new Idle Society’” on December 12th, an event which aims to reunite the 6 members of the legendary group BiS who rocked Yokohama Arena for over 3 hours during their disbandment live on July 8, 2014. The world of idols is often filled with ultimatums and this may be the most intense one yet but, let’s be positive and cheer on Saki! Let’s be “Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky”!

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Shimokitazawa SHELTER, 2-6-10 Kitazawa, Senda Bldg. B1, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
December 5, 2015 (Saturday)
Open: 11:00am Start: 11:30am
Tickets: 3,000 yen (+1 drink minimum) females will receive 1,000 yen cash back

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