She Shouldn’t be an Idol? Reira Arai From SUPER☆GiRLS Releases Shocking 1st Style Book!

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She Shouldn’t be an Idol? Reira Arai From SUPER☆GiRLS Releases Shocking 1st Style Book!

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Known in the idol world as the “number 1 idol who is unfit to be an idol”, Reira Arai from SUPER☆GiRLS seems to be out to build on that reputation with the release of her first style book “Am I IDOL? or not?” which goes on sale on her 21st birthday, September 25, 2015.


In addition to being a member of SUPER☆GiRLS since 2010, Reira was a model for the young women’s fashion magazine JJ from 2011 until 2014. While the members of SUPER☆GiRLS are no strangers to posing and dancing in swimsuits, this is the first time that Reira has been photographed in lingerie.


Even more shocking are the scenes where she is posing with a male model! In the idol world, being photographed with a male is usually the prelude to a graduation or resignation but, since they are both models, this is not the same as being caught by the paparazzi, right?


While Reira has not been given any sort of title claiming that she is a “once every 1,000 years” existence like SUPER☆GiRLS members Nana Asakawa and Rina Miyazaki, with her slightly exotic mature appearance does make her stand out when compared to all the cute girly idols out there. Pick up “Am I IDOL? or not?” and see all the different sides to Reira Arai!

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Am I IDOL? or not? (Reira Arai 1st Style Book)

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