Breaking News: Makoto Okunaka Announces Graduation From PASSPO☆

Breaking News: Makoto Okunaka Announces Graduation From PASSPO☆

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On September 29th, PASSPO☆‘s Makoto Okunaka announced that she would graduate from the group on the final performance of their tour January 1st, 2015.
It was made during their solo concert “Kessei 5 Shuunen Count Up Tour” held at Shinjuku BLAZE today.

Stay tuned for our report on the concert to come later but, for now, we have translated her video message regarding Makocchan’s graduation. Even though this is sad news for many fans, let’s continue to support Makocchan as a member of PASSPO☆ until New Year’s Day and whatever activities she ends up doing!

Mesasge from Makocchan

Contributor Wanted!!

via PASSPO☆ official blog


Attention Please. It’s PASSPO☆’s Pink, Makoto Okunaka also known as Makocchan.


While we are holding “Kessei 5 Shuunen Count Up Tour” now…


I have an announcement for all Passengers (fans).


I, Makoto Okunaka, have decided that I will graduate from PASSPO☆ at the final performance of this tour.


In these 5 years, there were many fun experiences but, also many sad and frustrating experiences as well.


“Shoujo Hikou” got ranked #1 in the Oricon Weekly Ranking.
In addition to PASSPO☆’s activities, there was also Kamen Rider Wizard.


Meeting with Ground Crew.
Then, saying forever good bye to Yoko-san (bass player for Ground Crew)…


I could experience many different things because I was part of PASSPO☆


While PASSPO☆’s activities were really fun, I worried about my own future.


I would like to become more active as an actress in the future so…
My dream of becoming an actress has caused me to feel impatient.


I have been a member of PASSPO☆ for 5 years.
and, I am now 20 years old.


I came to think that I want to challenge myself in another stage.


It’s my first time to make such a big decision on my own.
It’s not clear now … if its right or wrong but…


But, because I made this decision, because I’m alive now, with all of my ability,
I want to make it a decision with no regrets!


I will graduate from this group on January 1st, next year.


There is a long, long road ahead of PASSPO☆ and for me as well.
I would like to keep going on that road, step by step.


Please continue to support PASSPO☆ from now on.

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