A Heartwarming Story of Friendship & Bootylicious Beach Bash in P.IDL’s MV for “Natsu!”

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A Heartwarming Story of Friendship & Bootylicious Beach Bash in P.IDL’s MV for “Natsu!”

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P.IDL (Performance IDol League) went all out for the MV for “Natsu!” (release date: June 3), the single celebrating their 1st anniversary!

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“Natsu!” might be one of the most over the top MVs to be released for the summer of 2015! While the MVs for summer songs often have group members in yukata at festivals, one of the most polarizing images may be that of the swimsuit video shot on the beach. For some it may be something they look forward to as soon as the temperatures start rising but others may be offended by all the “disgusting bikinis”.


It seems like filmers in Japan frame close up shots of boobs and butts quite often in videos but “Natsu!” takes that practice to another level! Member of Team L Tiana Ell commented, “There’s so many butts!” in the Tweet where she announced that the MV had been released! Thankfully, there are also cute close ups of the members’ smiling faces, dance sequence where they are wearing frilly pink dresses, and a side story where Nanami Miyazaki makes new friends and has a great time at the beach despite not being able to bring herself to try on a bikini at the store.

“Natsu!” will be released in 4 versions: a “Summer” version, a “Merry-Go-Round” version, a “Team P & I” version, and a “Team D & L” version. The coupling song for all versions is titled “Koi no Merry-Go-Round” and there is also a “silent version” of it included.

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