Musubizm Are Out to Enchant With Their 3rd Single “Kimi ni Mu CHU♡XX”!

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Musubizm Are Out to Enchant With Their 3rd Single “Kimi ni Mu CHU♡XX”!

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Musubizm have unveiled details for their 3rd single “Kimi ni Mu CHU♡XX” (release date: June 27)!

The songs from the single are by SEIJ, combining ’80’s synthpop with the 2010’s Bubblegum Bass for a sound tailored for a group looking to connect and share the kawaii culture of Japan with the rest of the world. Following the theme of “1980’s and now” the cover art is by Yuko Abe, who has been the art director for Musubizm since their 1st single. The outfits are designs by SIIILON.

“Kimi ni Mu CHU♡XX” will be released in 2 different versions. Type-A includes the coupling song “Kimi ni 100%” and the bonus track for Type-B is titled “Koakuma na LOOK”. Having celebrated their 2nd anniversary at Shibuya WWW in December 2016, Musubizm has been moving forward into 2017 with bimonthly one-man lives at Harajuku Astro Hall since March and have already been confirmed to be performing at YATSUI FESTIVAL! 2017 in June and Idol Yokocho Natsu Matsuri in July!

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Kimi ni Mu CHU XX [Type A]

Kimi ni Mu CHU XX [Type B]

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