Moeka Hoshi Wins Grand Prix! Yuko Sugamoto Wins Semi-Grand Prix! Miss iD 2016 Report

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Moeka Hoshi Wins Grand Prix! Yuko Sugamoto Wins Semi-Grand Prix! Miss iD 2016 Report

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Miss iD Festival 2016 was held at Nihonbashi Kokaido on January 17, 2016. This audition has been increases in popularity with each year, evident in the venue being packed full. In 2015 the audition gave the grand prix to Rie Kaneko, a girl that has gone on to worldwide success as a member of LADYBABY whose MV ”Nippon Manju” was viewed more than 12,000,000 times on YouTube.

As the MCs, MiSS iD 2014 finalist Yufu Terashima and Usotsukanai Kikuchi welcomed the audienc to the event. Mini-concerts by petit pas! and LADYBABY got the audience heated up. Unfortunately, Ladybeard was not there due to illness but LADYBABY’s, Rie Kaneko and Rei Kuromiya gave their best efforts in dancing and singing.

After the 1st performances, the Miss iD 2016 finalists took the rostrum. Each member introduced themselves briefly showing their unique personalities. For example, Roka, who loves rockabilly began singing her favorite song. After finalists’ introduction, the official announced that there would be a semi grand prix, confusing the MCs with the sudden announcement.

Then, it came to the time of an award ceremony. Yuko Sugamoto was named the semi-grand prix winner and Moeka Hoshi was crowned the grand prix winner for Miss iD 2016! Professional interviewer Go Yoshida commented that her story of climbing from the bottom to being the winner of Miss iD 2016 was one that could encourage girls in the same situation.


Moeka Hoshi claimed that Miss iD is not an audition of appearance, addressing those that would complain about her not being as cute as the others. She promised to work hard at becoming cuter and to not let winning go to her head. When Shizu Mizuno gave the award to Moeka, she suddenly burst into tears while Moeka joked around with her. That scene was totally understandable but it seemed to sum up the feeling of Miss iD.


After the award ceremony, there was a handshaking event with most of all the miss id 2016 finalists and prize winners. It looked a hi-five event rather than handshaking event but the attendants looked happy and fulfilled. Rurumu’s fashion show, Junes☆Princess, the pyramids with India Nakamura, Houkago Princess, and Yufu Terashima and other shows in succession performed and showed that there are many talents existing in Miss iD. Lastly, as a secret artist, Seiko Oomori who works as a selection committee member literally rocked the audience.


From the candidates to selection committee members there were many tremendous talents involved with Miss iD. Thinking that they might be overlooked if this audition was not held, it reminded us of the importance of this audition and how we pin our hopes on it. May all Miss iDs shine in their fields and we look forward to seeing what new talents will be discovered in Miss iD 2017!


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Miss iD 2016 Official:
Moeka Hoshi Twitter:@moehamegenai
Yuko Sugamoto Twitter:@yukos_cook


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