Kyooko Hinami Reveals New Song “Higanbana” as a Soundtrack for the Short Movie on “hanagirl”

Kyooko Hinami Reveals New Song “Higanbana” as a Soundtrack for the Short Movie on “hanagirl”

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Model and actress Kyooko Hinami, at the same time as appearing in a gravure cover spread in the 29th issue of “Weekly Young Jump”, coming out on the 19th, has now written and composed a song called “Higanbana” under her artist alias “Shurin” and released this song as a short movie on website “hanagirl“, where flowers and girls are brought together.

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“Higanbana” was completed as a song that also contains parts from her hiatus period when she identified herself through songs.

It seems that from now on Hinami wants to put effort into her activities as artist “Shurin”, as well.
Presently, she gives live performances at live music club “Aoyama Moon Romantic” on a regular basis.
There is a spotlight on Kyooko Hinami, who broadened the horizons of her creative activities after her hiatus.

Her costar Yuka Terasaki is also doing stage performances, movies and singing, but she is also active as a voice actress for anime and games. As a voice actress, she won the synergy award (for the Inazuma Eleven series) at the 6th Seiyu Awards in 2012.

Tomohiko Ichihara was chosen for the first male performance in a hanagirl production, and Jouji Shibue who had a cameo appearance was also in the spotlight.

By having two endings it’s like this production is actually two productions, and the first has been released on the net. The other production is something they want you to look forward to until information is released.

The director is Nobuhiro Suzumura, who worked with Kamen Rider, the live action version of Sailor Moon and Akibaranger. This time’s project was born from the connection with Akibaranger.

Director Suzumura, who had worked with Hinami numerous times, wrote a screenplay about a girl being represented by a flower, and finished it as a come-back work.

Website hanagirl, where models and actresses have done a lot of stage performances over the years, is managed by producer Kazuki Matsuda, who is known by the pet name “enchou” (title of a kindergarten principal or zoo director) and calls this place a field, with the wish to send performers and young creators to the next stage.

Matsuda leads the idol units SUPER☆GiRLS, Cheeky Parade and GEM and he is also the producer of “hanarichu”, an idol unit formed through collabaration with the “iDOL Street” label in order to further the plan to turn the whole world into a flower field.

hanagirl Kyooko Hinami “Higanbana”

Kyooko Hinami twitter

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Shurin official website

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