Unprecedented “Iron Arm Hand-shaking Event” To Be Held by Kyoka in February 2018!

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Unprecedented “Iron Arm Hand-shaking Event” To Be Held by Kyoka in February 2018!

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Dressed in power suits with a magically remodified iron arm, Kyoka from Yumemiru Adolescence will attempt an unprecedented “Iron Arm Hand-shaking Event” on February 2018.

First of all, this is not the typical kind of “Akushukai”, or handshaking event that you imagine. freee, a company that actively operates cloud-based accounting softwares is planning a project that tests the curiosity of “how invincible idols can become through modern technology”. They casted Kyoka, famous for having baby-faced huge breasts, to give an incredibly strong grip by her ironed arm at a hand-shaking event.

In the promotion video, Katsuya Kanaoka, president of Man-Machine Synergy Effectors that produce high-performance tools using robot technology, indicates that this is a challenge that “unleashes physical restrictions” and a “birth of an idol that grasps everyone’s heart”. The video shows Kyoka in her powered suits, ruthlessly destroying a block of ice and a photo frame with a photograph with full of memories.

Details on the hand-shaking event will be announced later, but the promotion video hints that “memories that you want to destroy” will be your hand-shake ticket.

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