Worldwide Fashion Designer Koshino Junko (JK) officially joined BiS!!

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Worldwide Fashion Designer Koshino Junko (JK) officially joined BiS!!

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Unprecedented idol group “BiS” is known for extreme performance and enthusiastic fans. Until pretty recently, they had held a recruitment audition for new members due to the withdrawal of ex poplar member Michibayashi Rio a.k.a. Michel.
In the audition, basically a 10years old girl to 25years old woman was able to participate, but the new member was revealed at last.

The new member is 74years old fashion designer Koshino Junko a.k.a. “JK of the world”.
Koshino had participated in the audition in absolute secrecy and passed wonderfully because of overwhelming presence she has. Unveiling of the newborn BiS will be held at “HOT DENPO FESTIVAL” in Tokyo, November 5. They are scheduled to perform their latest single “Koi suru Denpo JAPAN ( Loving Telegram JAPAN)” in addition to handshake meeting.
Let’s watch the Music Video for the new single “Koi suru Denpo JAPAN”!!

At the special site that is currently open, it is possible to watch the new song MV on YouTube with right password. The pass is able to be obtained by winning a game “Koshino Junko and Telegram ~ Solve the mystery of the missing international designer! ~”

By the way, the new member Koshino has been producing an innovative telegram “Artlux” that has a motif presented at the Paris Fashion Week. “Artlux” is now available only on a web site. It is able to purchase in campaign price until Tuesday, January 14, 2014.

Special Website :

written by Yuji Hara

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