Ichigo Rinahamu Unveils Yume Kawaii Band Strawberry Syndrome!

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Ichigo Rinahamu Unveils Yume Kawaii Band Strawberry Syndrome!

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Ichigo Rinahamu, princess of the strawberry kingdom, has revealed her new band Strawberry Syndrome, the latest addition to her “yume kawaii” empire!

Rinahamu, the executive producer of the group and vocalist, is joined by popular model Prince Yuchaso on guitar, Suzu Hinata (petit pas!) on bass, senanan as the DJ, Rikka Hazuki on keyboards, Rin Yamada and Marina Sutamu as dancers, and H@L (ARTEMA) as the support drummer. The music will be produced by vocaloid producer/composer Junky and the outfits will be designed by aipi. The keywords for Strawberry Syndrome are “yume kawaii”, self-produced”, and “digital rock”. Perhaps the video which introduced them at Yumekawa Festival on April 23, 2016 provides some hints of what’s to come in the future?

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